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  1. Tanks go through cycles. Algae comes and goes, cyano comes and goes, etc. If you keep your parameters in good shape, most of these things come for a while then go away. Starting over just means that you will deal with these things again later. I'd recommend dealing with it rather than starting over. Using chemiclean to knock it out will make things look better quickly, followed by water changes to get the parameters in check. If you have high phosphate, do more frequent water changes. Make sure that your new water has no phosphates in it though. If you restart every time an issue arises, your tank will never get anywhere.
  2. That sounds more like cyano. Chemiclean will knock that out.
  3. What is your algae situation? I took care of my algae issue with Flux Rx, fluconazole. No "reset" required.
  4. Cycling takes time. Be patient, grasshopper. Your surface area is more than adequate for the zero bioload that you currently have.
  5. If you are reading ammonia, then do not put livestock in the tank. Ammonia should always be zero. If not, your tank has not cycled. The last thing you need is a big waste producing fish like a tang at this point!
  6. Don't have anything to trade. I'll take all 5. Are they all attached?
  7. Good to hear about the fish guard. I have lost many fish in my overflow, and even when I know they are in there, getting them out is nearly impossible. You may remember I had a blonde Naso in my overflow for over 6 months before I realized that was where he was. I got him out but it was really difficult and the fish was rather scraped up when it was over. I have also had clowns in there that I never got out. Sometimes they take the ride down to the sump, but I also have trouble getting a fish out of the sump due to space constraints and the various physical impediments in a sump like baffles and pumps and pipes and heaters and UVs and...
  8. Looks like great sturdy construction. Wondering why they would use starphire there, since it is unlikely that you can see much if anything through that section of the tank.
  9. Am I seeing that there are extra pieces of glass on the corners for support? Have not seen that type of construction before.