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  1. So was the building of the pyramids.
  2. Welcome back! Nice start so far!
  3. I got mine from ebay, two different times. I had no problems. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chloroquine-Phosphate-Treats-marine-ich-velvet-brook-AQUARIUM-USE-ONLY/231636780028
  4. Prazi will take care of flukes. Choroquine Phosphate will take care of uronema, brook, ick. Copper is another alternative, but I have used copper on uronema and it was ineffective where CP was effective. Not sure that antibiotics will help unless the disease is bacterial, which brook, velvet, ich and uronema are not (they are caused by protozoans). Going fallow works for ich. I am not sure how it will work for brook or uronema
  5. Hopefully that will knock it out. Good luck! Brook is pretty common with clowns unfortunately. Uronema also seems to be common these days. Quarantine new fish is a good way to go, especially if you have a reef tank.
  6. Maybe Uronema. Choroquine Phosphate will kill it. But, not reef-safe. For more information search "Chloroquine Phosphate reef" I have used it several times. It cured some fish that I thought were lost causes. One butterfly I thought was dead, but has recovered fully due to CP. Uronema has been a recent issue at least for me. Never heard of it or saw it in my previous 43 years of keeping marine fish, but I have had it 2-3 times in the past year or two.
  7. If my tank parameters get way out of whack, sometimes the best thing is to change water with new water you know is good, and start from there. It is hard to get things back in balance if they get way out of balance. Not being critical, just a suggestion. I call a massive water change a "reset button" Harder to do with large tanks, but on small tanks it is the way to go. Your tank is in the size range where I would consider a total water change and start the dosing or calcium reactor again after that.
  8. Jensen - If there is relatively no coral in your tank, I am surprised that you should need to dose at all. Perhaps you are overdosing?
  9. 110reef


    No more tank, Rob?