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  1. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Aggression issues seem to have gone away. The remaining two are doing well. I would like to get them eating something besides purple nori, but they do eat that very well, so all is good. They are settling in nicely.
  2. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Well, one less Idol. Came home last night and one was a little lethargic. It had a ~1" "bruise" on its side, and died a couple of hours later. Amazing how they can be fine one minute and gone the next. That is why these are difficult fish. This is the one that was eating pellets, looked great yesterday morning. The other two continue to do well at this time.
  3. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Purple Nori. One eats pellets too. They will peck at mysis. Still have a ways to go to get them eating like I would like, but they do eat the purple nori very well. Right now I am trying to get them settled in. Lots of aggression from other inhabitants, especially (surprisingly) from my double saddleback butterfly, and my Koran angel. Then for a while, they were picking on each other, but that seems to have subsided. Another surprise is that the Queen Angel has not cared at all - I expected the most trouble from her. And the Powder Blue Tang has mostly left them alone, too.
  4. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    So I took the plunge again. 3 new Moorish Idols. I hope I have as much success as with my last one!
  5. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Which? One of the jackknifes has gone missing, the other two are great. Butterfly in the overflow is completely healed and back to normal. The tank is running good. Will be adding some new Moorish Idols in the next week or so. I have 3 being held for me. If they all are eating, I will get all three. I am not sure how three together will do, I have heard mixed reviews. We shall see.
  6. New light

    Havent checked my levels. I'm sure they are on the high side. Did a 50% water change this weekend to help. I think the zoas are gone. Anemone still hanging in there but still very neon pink and very small. Hope it turns the corner. It does have bubble tips now when it didn't before.
  7. Nope! We've all been waiting for you to come back!
  8. New light

    Got my new Kessil A80 Tuna Blue light, hopefully the anemone will now have enough light. Under the existing led light strip it has been shrinking, and the color, while pretty pink, is too light colored and is essentially bleaching. Hope this light solves the problem. Plus I can maybe add some corals to the tank too. I have a couple of zoas, but I think they were starved for light too.
  9. Fragniappe 2018

    I didn't know there is a facebook site
  10. New light

    Gracias. That is what I am thinking as well. I have not been feeding much either, which I am sure doesn't help. The Kessil is adjustable in both color and intensity, so I will go carefully with it. Thanks again!
  11. New light

    I have a RBTA in my 10 gallon tank. It is several months old at this point. It is getting smaller, and getting more bleached as time goes by, though it is still pink - just a lighter shade of pink. Do you think it is a lighting issue? I have a 6" strip of LED lighting on the tank. I ordered a Kessil A80 Tuna Blue. Just wondering if it might be something else.
  12. Fragniappe 2018

    Fragniappe is March 3rd.
  13. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    When I have a cleanup crew consisting of snails and crabs, I find the crew slowly dwindles to nothing. My last crew is only snails, no crabs. I haven't lost any snails in over 2 years. I am thinking that crabless is the way to go.
  14. And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    I have given up on this build. Don't think it will ever happen. Sad.
  15. Sexy Talk

    You clearly know nothing about women.