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  1. Day 19 / Day 8 after second dosing: Algae 95% gone! One of the corals that was covered by the algae (located atop the highest rock, not seen in the picture) is sloughing off flesh. Hopefully it will stop. It was the most covered of any of the corals, and maybe the sudden change in light has affected it. You can now see my other little group of zoas directly below the clownfish' tail. They look a little worse for wear due to being choked out by the algae, but I think they'll be fine.
  2. Day 18 / Day 7 after second dosing: Almost there. I can see my third hidden coral again!
  3. Day 17 / Day 6 after second dosing: Continuing to improve. For comparison: Day 1
  4. Day 16 / Day 5 after second dosing: Algae continues to get thinner! Yay! See the green coral in the center near the top? Haven't seen that coral for weeks...
  5. Day 15/ Day 4 after 2nd dose: the algae is looking thinner. I can actually see two of the three corals that were completely overwhelmed by the algae. One looks good, the other is definitely worse for wear after being hidden for so long. Wonder how the third coral is doing-still can’t see it. I believe the algae is dying. There is cyano popping up all over on the algae, probably feeding on the dying algae. I added some chemiclean to take care of the cyano. I am pleased at the moment because it looks like progress is being made. Hope it continues.
  6. Day 14 / Day 3 after second dosing: Algae seems to be less green and darker in color over the past two days than before.
  7. Day 11: I have given up on this dosage, I added a new dose of 3 scoops. Will see if that produces any result. Note: the zoas have moved again!
  8. I'm glad SOMEONE is watching this thread! My snails have been overwhelmed for a while now! Day 9: Still no visible change... I took a picture, but it seems to have gone MIA in my phone. I'll get another today.