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  1. 110reef

    And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    Looking good, Eric. Nice fishes. I also like the rockwork. Glad to see water in that thing!
  2. 110reef

    Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Nice to see your tank coming to life. Also looking for the same from Eric.
  3. 110reef

    Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Kirk - my tank was cloudy for months. I tried many things, including a massive water change, and a UV and that did not do the trick. The only thing that worked that I could find was a diatom filter. After using the diatom filter religiously for a week or two, my water was very clear for quite a while. It has become cloudy again though. I ran the diatom filter for a few days but not long enough to clean it up. I am hoping if I leave it alone, it will eventually subside after it consumes whatever nutrients it is living on, but if it doesn't clear up in the next few months I will go back to work with the diatom filter. Sorry to hear about all your troubles. I am sure it will turn around for you soon. I will say that I believe that my troubles began when battling uronema. I wiped that out with chloroquine phosphate. But I also think it killed the algae that was living in the tank. Which put nutrients in the tank. So a bacterial or other bloom occurred, which I could not get rid of except by the diatom filter. I had another outbreak of uronema a short while ago, and repeated the whole mess, though to a lesser extent this time..
  4. 110reef

    BRK annual FREE crawfish boil!

    I would love to come, but my son has a baseball tourney in Lafayette this weekend. Sorry to miss it. Ya'll enjoy.
  5. 110reef

    Grandis pallys for sale Lafayette

    Scott - I will take 1 frag. I will be in Lafayette this weekend. Ken
  6. 110reef

    Mistakes in Reefing

    Eric has been teasing us with this tank since 2013. I think he even put water in it for a day once. Purely a tease, I tell ya! If I had a 300 DD, it would be filled as quickly as humanly possible.
  7. 110reef

    Mistakes in Reefing

    Pshtttt - you will never fill the new tank.
  8. 110reef

    Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Sweet! Joist is better...
  9. 110reef

    Fin Rot?

    I responded to you on facebook... I believe you either have brooklynella or uronema. Fin rot will not kill your fish that fast.
  10. 110reef

    Shutting down my tank

    Poppins is back!
  11. 110reef

    April 2018 POTM Submission Thread (End Shots)

    I vote for Jerry.
  12. 110reef

    Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Yeah, not the outcome I was hoping for. They all seemed fine, no signs of disease. They were all eating, though pretty much only eating Nori. Then suddenly, within hours, went from fine to dead. I wanted some that were caught in Hawaii, and asked for that when I ordered them. But I found out these were not from Hawaii. I bought them anyway after watching them in the store for about a month. I think it makes a big difference. If I decide to try again, I will need to be sure that they come from Hawaii. It is all about collection techniques and shipping with these guys, I am convinced. My theory with fish that are seemingly fine one day and die the next is that they are caught with cyanide. They don't use cyanide in Hawaii. Its a theory though. Hard to know what has happened to a fish before it gets to the LFS. And I have seen fish look good to great for months before suddenly dying, again my theory is due to cyanide. Blonde Nasos are another fish where I have seen this happen over and over. I used to chalk it up to being just one of those things, but I have been doing this long enough now that I think it is really due to cyanide. I thought the practice had gone away, but I now think it is still going strong.