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  1. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Hmm. Most of my lights have some thingy called a "switch", which allows me to turn them on at any time.
  2. Mark's Marine artificial rock info

    I believe I do remember him making rock at one time. Don't know how long he did it for, probably not long. At any rate, if the rock is suspect, then I would change it out.
  3. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Jensen - Give me a call. I have some rock you can have, come by and pick some out.
  4. Mark's Marine artificial rock info

    Most of the live rock in my tank came from Mark's. However, I do not think mine is artificial.
  5. Really interesting stuff. Thanks, Joe. Never thought that too low of nitrates was ever a problem, or that it could be something that happens. My nitrates are always way high. Hope it solves your problem, Mobilecal!
  6. How about any metals?
  7. What lights are you running? Have bulbs been changed?
  8. Wow, really? I bet my nitrates run about a bazillion. If I measured them. I may check them when I get home just for grins.
  9. I cannot imagine that you would ever have to dose nitrates. Nitrates are always a problem in my experience, especially if you have a lot of fish. Red Sea is not known for their quality. I would try another test kit before I began dosing nitrates. Are you carbon dosing?
  10. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Here are my new babies:
  11. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Butterfly is starting to be better. He is trying to eat again and is coming out of the corner. His eyes are hazy but clearing up. I think he might make it.
  12. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    So after having another fish stranded in my overflows, I finally bit the bullet and made some screens for the top of my tank this weekend. Got the frames from Lowe's and the screen mesh material from BRS. Now my tank is screened in. I can consider wrasses again, which seem to have a propensity to jump out of my tank. Then I got my double saddle butterfly out of the overflow, where he has been for the past two weeks. I had a Naso living in there for 6 months one time before I realized he was in there. I have had many other fish go in over the years. Small fish usually eventually find their way to the sump, but larger fish are pretty much stuck. It is nearly impossible to get a fish out once it is in there. This time, I drained the overflow then used a net to get it out, but it was not an easy operation and the fish got pretty banged up. Hope he recovers.
  13. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    If I am available, I will certainly lend a hand.
  14. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    Yes, TK! Doh! He helped me move my 240 in the house. As we were going through the doorway, the other two guys holding up one end of the tank could not fit through the door so TK suddenly had the entire weight of the tank. He handled it with no problem. Amazing. And quite the fisherman!