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  1. Go deep into the caribbean in places like Nevis and you can have cheap and highly tropical/unique.
  2. Are you looking for where to buy? or which ones to buy?
  3. SPS tank, I test religiously. Any other tank, observation is fine by me.
  4. I have always loved that coral. Yours looks amazing!!!!
  5. Maybe I just need a better mixing pump to get it done in an hour. my salinity continues to rise for at least 4 or 5 hours.
  6. Give it more time. I usually won't test till it sits overnight.
  7. He needs to test the water himself. Getting Marine biology water pumped out of the ocean from a spicket for the general public sounds pretty suspect to me. Also, how did he source the fish he put in the tank?
  8. I'm very active on FB page, and used to be very active on the Forum, but it's just about died off. He is the owner, but Sandy is the manager of the site. Gerwin allows all kinds of stuff, he's really cool about it. The following is his quote from when people started posting rules about selling on his FB page. "GROWING PAINS ??? I figure its time I put thoughts to keyboard in a feeble attempt to relay my thoughts about Facebook, the internet etc. So when I initiated a Facebook group page , I figured it would be a place for some of the regulars to have a common interest point and more important, get questions answered when the shop was closed by either myself or one of the many knowledgeable folks who frequent the store. Never did I think it would attract almost 400 hobbyists as of this writing, nor did I anticipate the amount of questions and input we would get. Of course as the numbers of participants grow, the more diverse the discussions and inputs. I appreciate all the patriot missiles that my loyal followers fire off to protect my business and their FFLFS (favorite freaking local fish store), I think its awesome and sometimes its needed. But at the end of the day if we wanna attract more folks to our group we must relax when we see others post up where or what they bought. We don't have it all , and some things I cant even get. On that note I will say, we would always like the opportunity to get you an item you are considering, that I do not carry, or maybe better yet, have the chance to tell you why we do not carry that product. Few places can tout their experience of being around, for near 40 years, I get to see a lot of fish, products and unfortunately people fail as well as all the successes. It is for that fact, that I have some Ideas, I have determined are best. WE will always be true to one goal: Treat you the customer as we would want to be treated. If this is a value to you, then maybe when you have a choice between internet or us, you will choose to help us stick around another 40 years, if not its ok as we will still attempt to follow the goal. - Gerwin Henn
  9. Wish I could come guys, but I have to be at work. This is going to be a really cool event.
  10. I'm active on Just Fish, I push our site, but not directly. Just Fish is still an LFS page. It's a fine line and we want to make sure we don't cross any lines. Gerwin did agree to sponsor our site though, I just need to stop and pick up his money.
  11. Yeah, at that point I'd say you have done way more than your due diligence.
  12. thatgrimguy


    It felt like learning a different language at first. But after just forcing myself through it using the manual, I was able to catch on pretty quick. It's easier than it seems at first. If you hit a wall let me know and I'll try to get by one evening and help you out.
  13. thatgrimguy


    Inspect what you expect. Check to see it's doing what you think it is daily at first, then weekly. The official guide is amazing and a member of this site actually wrote it. A huge update is looming that will make connecting to your apex from the outside world infinitely easier, but it's not too bad now if you know anything about networking. And lastly post your codes up on the site and we will critique them. A google search will turn up pretty much any situation you can imagine with programming codes to get you started.
  14. Been doing a water change a day (40 gallons) Got the salinity back to 1.026 and the algae is getting annihilated. I also finally have equipment acting predictably. When I tell my apex to do something, it is actually doing what I expect! I re-flashed the memory, loaded drivers, and rewrote all my programs. But now it all seems to do what I want it to! So I'm feeling better about the tank in general. It's actually getting to a point where I don't want to just throw a blanket over it when company comes over.