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  1. Diy chaeto reactor

    the best part about the reactor is that it acts as a detritus trap, lol
  2. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    I'll have the following available, can shoot pictures tomorrow if interested as they're in the tank at home in NOLA 3 frags: Spainbow $30 2 frags: Nilbog Resident $30 2 frags: Pink Lemonade $30 5 frags: Setosa $10 1 frag: Sharksh!t milli $80 1 frag: Ice Fire Echinata $80 1 frag: Battlestag $80 1 frag: Hyperberry $80 1 frag: tierra del fuego $80 1 frag: SC OP $150 1 frag: WD $250 1 of each Tort (cali, miyagi, blueberry miyagi): $30 ea 1 of each Tort Torts (Oregon and RR Aussie Gold): $60 ea
  3. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    ill take the other strawberry shortcake if its available, looks different than my own. worth a shot to see how both grow
  4. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    I'll have a list of SPS I'll be fragging tomorrow if anyone's interested, I can bring it. I should be free to attend but I'll be leaving early since I gotta make my way to BR for call that pm
  5. Diy chaeto reactor

    issue is a scrubber is large and hard to place properly in some stands. probably dont need the rods on most reactors, but does dissipate heat so theres that benefit. I don't have one on the reactor (avast marine) I use and its perfectly fine.
  6. Diy chaeto reactor

    some cheap 3:1, not sure of the brand. They were on amazon, I just bought them to test how well the reactor would work. works well, but getting a long lasting light is important lol
  7. Diy chaeto reactor

    keep an eye on the lights. I think im at 6 months, my lights are dimmed out. I needed to order a new set.
  8. Diy chaeto reactor

    I've done it with my current biopellet reactor and works well. Harvest ~2 weeks, the strips are only $15(?) on amazon. 3:1 red:blue. Some TLF that are new seem to be made thinner so they scratch/crack. I used an older model and it was fine.
  9. 75 gallons reef

    This right here. Aquacultured corals tend to do A LOT better than mariculture/wild ones.
  10. ISO three radion lights

  11. @Jaytizzle, I'm meeting @NOLA_Sailor this afternoon. If you guys want, I can pay/pick up for him and bring it with me. I'll be leaving BR around noon
  12. Easy to keep 4pc SPS Pack - $50

    yup, that's possible. pm me/text me at 619-929-0209. I will be heading back from BR->NO tomorrow and I can meet you.
  13. Old AI Sols

    If you have backup Sols, replacing the pucks is easy. Make sure they are all either AI Sol Blue or AI Sol White, you don't want to mix them up. If I remember correctly, all you have to do is open up the case, unscrew the driver and pull it out. Unscrew the puck you want to replace. Screw the new puck back into place. Replace the driver. Put the case back on, voila. Individual LEDs I think you're out of luck, but changing the puck is easy...just be careful of the pins
  14. Easy to keep 4pc SPS Pack - $50

    made a few packs, I can break them down like this as well: Pink Lemonade: $25 Spainbow: $25 Birdsnest: $10 Setosa: $10
  15. Contact me here or at 619-929-0209, frags will be on the generous size for the larger colonies. All aquacultured and has been in the tank for >2yrs, pest-free, currently under 2 radions and coral plus t5s Following frags for $50 ORA Birdsnest ORA Setosa ORA Pink Lemonade BC Rainbows in Spain (AKA Spainbow) Can add a Blueberry Miyagi Tort for $30 Here are the mother colonies: