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  1. SpecksNReds


    What brought you to BRK? Greg and JT brought me to BRK. It was exciting to be apart of new club and help promote the hobby in our area. I had multiple tanks and really enjoyed meeting different hobbyist and checking out their setups and learning more about their success with their tanks. Being apart of something new and trying new things was exciting. What keeps you coming back? I come back every now and then to see how things are going and when I get tempted to get another tank. What keeps you away? I no longer have a tank and get jealous when I see everyone's setup. What would you like to see us do differently? I'm not around often enough to answer this, but I will say that this club has come a long way and it is pretty impressive. I think I was the 3rd member to join years ago and was one of the moderators for awhile. The club has continued to grow in size and hold various events for its members throughout the year. Early on, BRK reached out to local aquatic stores to partner with them to help promote the hobby and host events at their stores. Those relationships have proven to be invaluable. Additionally, they started reaching out to national vendors and build relationships with them. On top of the vendor relationships, they really took an interest in its members which is key to their success. The members have seemed to enjoy the Parade of Tanks, frag swaps, anniversary parties, Christmas party, Fragniappe and other workshops over the past few years and I know a lot of work from the staff goes into each. It was awesome to hear BRK would be hosting MACNA 2017. That is a major accomplishment and great way to promote BRK with other members across the country. While I can't answer what BRK could do differently, I do know where we started and where we are today is really amazing. BRK has helped grow the saltwater aquarium community and I have seen other local clubs try to emulate what BRK has done. Keep it up and good luck with Fragniappe and MACNA 2017. I will try to stop by more often.
  2. SpecksNReds

    LF: Redsea Max 34g

    I wouldn't mind jumping back in with a small tank. I'm not sure Amy is going to be too happy.
  3. SpecksNReds

    LF: Redsea Max 34g

    Does anyone have a redsea max 34g that they might be looking to sell?
  4. SpecksNReds

    like deer?

    Jerry, I am taking my Hunter's Ed class on Nov.1-2. I am initially planning to take my son on some squirrel hunts in Big Branch, but would like to take a shot at some hogs and deer. I have a friend who wants to check out BB since he left his lease this year. I would love to go scouting with you and learn the area if you ever have time. Shoot me a text.
  5. SpecksNReds


    We went two years ago during Mardi Gras and it was a lot of fun. We decided to skip this year and next year because President's day falls during the same week and there will be a ton of people from the Northeast there.
  6. SpecksNReds

    Coral Farmers Market - Saturday, October 4 in Nola

    These pictures make me want a tank again.
  7. SpecksNReds

    Petco not so bad.

    I've been in the Covington store quite a few times and have witnessed massive fish kills in the sw department. I think it is a shame that a pet company doesn't invest enough in its employees to train them on the proper care of they livestock they carry. Replacing dead fish with more fish that will probably die doesn't make sense. Like Benjy mentioned above, it is great that you are hear and are willing to learn. The members and staff of BRK will be able to point you in the right directions and answer any questions you might have. Good luck.
  8. SpecksNReds

    Anemone question

    This is when a qt tank comes in handy.
  9. SpecksNReds

    Announcing Fragniappe 2014 - Saturday, March 8!

    Wow!!! This event is very impressive. Great vendors and a great cause it is supporting. Great job to all of the staff members and volunteers who put this together.
  10. SpecksNReds

    Winter Storm Watch....

    I'm heading down the street to Kirk's house if I lose power.
  11. SpecksNReds

    Happy Sunday!

    Damn, that is nice. I would like to put my name first on the list for some deer sausage.
  12. SpecksNReds

    Long Time No Post

    Nice pics. My favorite is the red mushroom
  13. SpecksNReds

    I come in peace

    Check the Used Gear threads here for a biocube or check craigslist.
  14. SpecksNReds

    Petco Fish

    I also think Aquatic Specialties in Kenner runs copper in their tanks and keep fish in QT for about a week before selling them.
  15. SpecksNReds

    MP40W flashing lights

    This is what I would recommend. I had a similar problem with one of my MP40s and it turned out to be a bad power supply. I disconnected the power supply from my other MP40 to test it. Ecotech customer service sent me a new power supply and everything was fine.