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  1. I wouldn't mind jumping back in with a small tank. I'm not sure Amy is going to be too happy.
  2. Does anyone have a redsea max 34g that they might be looking to sell?
  3. I've been in the Covington store quite a few times and have witnessed massive fish kills in the sw department. I think it is a shame that a pet company doesn't invest enough in its employees to train them on the proper care of they livestock they carry. Replacing dead fish with more fish that will probably die doesn't make sense. Like Benjy mentioned above, it is great that you are hear and are willing to learn. The members and staff of BRK will be able to point you in the right directions and answer any questions you might have. Good luck.
  4. This is when a qt tank comes in handy.
  5. Wow!!! This event is very impressive. Great vendors and a great cause it is supporting. Great job to all of the staff members and volunteers who put this together.
  6. Nice pics. My favorite is the red mushroom
  7. SpecksNReds

    Petco Fish

    I also think Aquatic Specialties in Kenner runs copper in their tanks and keep fish in QT for about a week before selling them.
  8. This is what I would recommend. I had a similar problem with one of my MP40s and it turned out to be a bad power supply. I disconnected the power supply from my other MP40 to test it. Ecotech customer service sent me a new power supply and everything was fine.
  9. SpecksNReds

    Petco Fish

    I was there twice before Christmas to check out the guinea pigs and the saltwater fish were in bad shape. The had a one dead PBT and another PBT that was breathing heavily and probably died later that day. The other fish looked rough. It was sad to see.
  10. I think the vendor selection looks great!!!!. I makes me wish I had a tank again.
  11. Looks like there are quite a few lonely reefers.
  12. Great looking tank. Looks much better with the new lights and no canopy.
  13. I was curious if there is anyone with a RSM 130/130D. I received an email today from Red Sea for a free improved pump for the RSM 130/130D. I don't have my RSM any more, but would order the free pump for someone in need.