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  1. Hi! I sent the pics (2?) the last time we talked did you not get them?
  2. Hahaha! Thanks! It looks like we're going to get rain Will do on the fishy!
  3. I just wanted to say thanks to Michael for stopping by today and buying some things It was really nice to have been able to meet you. You know when someone drives an hour and a half in this crazy weather, they're a hard core saltwater junkie! I also wanted to thank everyone we've had the opportunity of meeting throughout our short journey here. I will really miss my tanks, but most of all, all of you. I don't know if it will be appropriate for me to continue to post here being that I'm selling everything, so I hope if it's not, that you all will keep in touch! My personal cell is (337) 652-1966. Now, leave me alone....I'm going to DESTIN! LOL! JOKING! Not leaving till Monday, but Monday July 16th through 21st I'm "outta here" for girls vacation! I'm going to swim in the BIG saltwater tank! LOL! Only have 2 pieces of coral left guys! And 3 fish! Come get them!
  4. First let me start off by saying I am not 100% positive what model this skimmer is, but I do know it is a Reef Octopus. I was told this was a $1200 skimmer new and have no idea of the age, but should not be more than a few years old. I am thinking it may be an older model "Hurricane". I have been using it on my 150 for 3 months and it works awesome. It has an Octopus Turbine pump attached that will come with the skimmer. It was sold to me as "rated for 400 gph". The skimmer is currently running in my tank, so providing measurements is virtually impossible, but I'll give it my best shot! I'm sure someone who has seen my tank (from this board) may be able to help out. I do have more photos of same on my phone and will be happy to text to you. Just shoot me a text asking for same, (337) 652-1966. Please, text me as I am not checking the board often these days ASKING - $75 IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME AS I DON'T CHECK THE BOARD OFTEN! (337) 652-1966 Skimmer is mounted on black acrylic base, approximately 29" long. The cylinder is approximately 32" high and is 25" in circumference. It has red adjustment handles on it. The skimmer has grey and red parts on it. If there are any questions you have regarding this skimmer, just text me. I can say that Bobby, Cody (Ark) and Michael (StangGT66) has seen it recently and know more about it than I do! LOL! Maybe they will lend me a hand here? Thanks, guys! **I will attempt to clean the best I am able, but I just had surgery and cannot lift anything and the use of my arms is limited
  5. That's one thing that used to upset me so bad. When I was selling, the most color enhancing I ever used was lightening of a pic. No other color enhancement at all. But I'm sure it hurt us in sales as our coral was not as "bright" as they were in other pics But, I didn't want to mislead anyone. Personally, I feel that it's just a gross misrepresentation of a coral. Just saying!
  6. Approximately 4 years old? Not used often until past couple of months. Has a TDS meter attached (purchased separately) but the switch will not move to show TDS input, only output. This is not a biggie as output is what one needs to be most concerned with. The brand is Aqua FX. 4 Stage Barracuda RO/DI unit with TDS meter (see above) - $75 firm (Paid $225 new) - Filters will need to be changed again in the near future. In perfect condition, no problems other than above mentioned (TDS meter). Believe rated for 50 gpd. Have owner's/instruction manual. Very easy to operate/use. Don't have pics, camera on the blink. Can text photos. ALSO: Have a set of replacement filters for unit for an extra $15- Purchased recently from Bulk Reef Supply for $21.99 plus shipping. Please call for into. Please text me at (337) 652-1966 if interested. Please do not send me an email here. I have not been checking my messages that often. Thanks!
  7. shelley120861


    Just wanted to let you all know that I'm planning on going on vacation (assuming I'm still well! Fingers crossed!) on July 16 and will be home July 21 late evening. I will be "out of commission" during this time taking a much needed break Everything has to be sold by July 15th so let me know if you all need anything! Thanks, to all!
  8. Cody, your tank is gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! How's my little fish doing? Did you name him yet? LOL! I just love the Flame Hawks. They are full of personality! Told ya you would like him! Nick, Cody has seen my tank Cody's my "buddy" and stops by to see me and help me on a regular basis! LOL! Poor Cody! Anyway, everything is up, running and waiting on ya! I'll see you and Cody on Sunday
  9. Yep, some Chalice can be quite "pricey"! Not saying it's not "bright" in color, but looks like there's quite a bit of color enhancing going on there! How about this one?
  10. Hehehe! You guys make me laugh
  11. Hey, Bobby you never threw a frag my way Joking! You know you're my buddy
  12. Welcome, Nick! So excited for you! Can't wait to meet you! I like bikes, too Never drove one, but almost bought a GSXR in 2000 (?) Not a good bike for a radical female! LOL! Bought jet skis instead! I'm too dangerous to have a bike!
  13. Looking good! And WELCOME! This is a great board with many very knowledgable members! What Kirk said...My vote is black I have always preferred the black over the blue anytime! Guess it's just whatever you prefer, but I see many leaning more towards the black nowdays. Such a great contrast against the white sand. I guess black is the new pink!
  14. Oh, cool! I didn't know that! The above mushroom was actually about 3" by 3" as were most on the colony. There were some smaller babies under the bigger ones. Some of the biggest rhodactis I've seen!