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  1. They have been picked up. This thread can be closed. Thanks.
  2. They are spoken for as of now. If anything changes, I will contact those who sent PMs first and update this thread. Thanks.
  3. Long time, no post....I know! Anyway, I am giving away my pair of clowns that survived the flood. I kept them and set up a tank in hopes that I’d pick the hobby back up in some way. My job and my running have taken over my spare time/energy and I’ve done a poor job of upkeep on the tank. I hate that they have to live in it and they don’t get the attention they deserve. So, I’d like to give them to someone who can take care of them and enjoy them. I’ve had them both for many years and, when given the proper diet, will lay eggs. I won’t give them to just anyone...I’d prefer they go to someone with an established tank and can keep things alive ;) If a price must be posted, I’d gladly take $20 but it’s not mandatory. Once they’re gone, I’ll tear the tank down and sell off the equipment that’s worth the trouble. The rest will be given or thrown away. PM me if you have questions.
  4. Don't bite the eye that cleans you....or something.
  5. Updated the original post to reflect recent sales. Willing to negotiate for what's left and I'm open to trades for coral.
  6. Been kind of busy lately. Training someone at work so I've had to limit my "extra-curricular" internet usage and we've been busy on top of that. Tank has been on hold pending how the repairs OF the repairs go at the house. There is a chance that they will be doing a BUNCH of sanding to the texture so I didn't want to add anything before in case I need to move the tank.
  7. Let me know. If you know someone in town that might be heading out that way soon, they're welcome to pick them up from me also.
  8. I've got a bottle of cipro if you can get into BR this weekend. I'd be happy to give you a full treatment's worth of pills.
  9. Thanks, Jenson. Though we are back home, we are still not "finished". Contractor still has some pretty large items that must be redone / repaired so we are still weeks/possibly months away from being "whole" again. In the meantime, I've enjoyed the reprieve the tank has offered me. Wish you and yours the best...the situation is very difficult for those affected.
  10. Height could be higher to keep from having to bend over when you're wanting to really look at the tank. Don't think legs would be the route I'd go if I were to add height though. Maybe a platform style riser to support the entire bottom would be sturdier and keep the stand from warping/sagging.
  11. No real changes to report. Saw a large increase in copepod population in the last week so I know the tank is still maturing. Getting close to maybe start picking up some zoanthids. Going to start with small quantity frags and let them grow out so I'm not trying to figure out how to incorporate larger rocks into the existing 'scape. I want them to grow into/onto what I already have.
  12. I hate doing big water changes for a number of reasons and 1 gallon is a breeze. When the 200 was running, I was doing daily 5g swap for a while...still easier than doing a 35-50g changes at one time.
  13. Trying to iron out my daily maintenance into something manageable and proactive. I know how easy it is to put off certain tasks and with small tanks, you really have to stay on top of them or they'll go south fast. I'm feeding nothing but frozen right now (LRS) but only once every 2 days until I get a feel for how much the right amount will be. I picked up just a few small turbo snails to help me out a bit but I don't plan on adding much more CuC...I plan to manually remove as much solid waste as I can as part of my daily maintenance before it has a chance to break down. Daily Chores as they are now-in order: Empty skimmer cup Clean glass Siphon detritus Blow off rocks w/ turkey baste 1g water change I also picked up a small tail spot blenny on Saturday. I've always wanted one but knew I'd never see it in the 200. This may be the only other fish I add...the clowns pretty much dominate the tank and bio-load. Speaking of which, they've already fallen back into their routine and started prepping an area to lay eggs again..guess moving them didn't create much of a disruption. I'm starting to keep an eye out for some corals but I plan on being patient and picky about what I want. I've had to fight the urge to pick up any mushrooms or soft corals as they aren't apart of my final plan. I do want a couple different zoas but I be picky about what variety and where they come from. I don't think the tank is quite ready for any LPS just yet