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  1. Equipment for sale

    $2700 for everything!!! text me if interested 225-247-7214
  2. Equipment for sale

    added pic and more details on the tank
  3. Equipment for sale

    BUMP dropped prices
  4. Equipment for sale

    BUMP will throw in 2 used MP40wes and knock off a chunk for a package deal.
  5. Equipment for sale

    Brand new equipment for less than new cost. Willing to cut a deal to someone to get this stuff gone.
  6. Equipment for sale

    I was preparing to do a 210g custom build, however, due to work having me out of town for the foreseeable future, I have decided to postpone the build. I work in a plant and don't really get on that much so if you have questions or want to purchase something, shoot me a text. 225-247-7214 $2,700 for everything!!! Build thread with a few pics and info. 210g planet aquariums drilled, reef ready tank (72x24x29). Center overflow, black silicone, dual bracing. brand new, hasn't seen water. $950 $875 Apex classic, brand new unopened. $525 $500 Bubble magus G9 skimmer, brand new in box. $405 $385 zt-6800a qmaven zetlight LED x2, brand new in box. Very high quality and fully controllable. Look them up on YouTube. $975 $900 for both Eshopps RS-300 sump, used - great condition. $265 $250 Fiji dry rock, approx 50lbs. $2/lb 2 - MP40wes, approx. 2 years old. updated wet sides to new model. $200 ea
  7. New build - 220-240g

    Nothing else. Been working out of town in Ark so haven't had time to start on the build. Soon though.....soon
  8. zacks blank canvas

    Yeah, usually not a good idea to feed them right away. He could possibly be regurgitating what you fed him. I don't have any personal experience with this species so I'll let Jordan give his thoughts. as far as water changes go, I'd stick to a pretty basic routine of around 20% weekly. Good looking nem.
  9. New build - 220-240g

    Update: i now have... 4 of 4 mp40wes apex sp4 return Eshopps rs-300 sumps planet aquariums 225g drilled tank Hoping to begin built-in remodel in the next few weeks.
  10. Clash of clans

    If you feel like joining a LA based clan, let me know. We're looking for a few more peeps.
  11. Clash of clans

    Lol, those dudes don't mess around. I've invested a year into the game so I guess I'll keep playing until something else gets my attention. I enjoy strategy games like that. I remember playing red alert on my desktop when I was 12 or 13.
  12. Clash of clans

    Anybody play clash of clans?
  13. Switching Sump/refugium ?

    You have an established system already. New water for sump. rock and sand.
  14. English Bull Terriers

    Rare around these parts
  15. zacks blank canvas

    There are exceptions. I've seen rbta host perc and ocellaris but they typically don't