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  1. Thanks for the info,,, I will remove him from my list
  2. On the upside, I have managed to add a young male Royal Flasher Wrasse from Divers Den to the tank, the down side, is that this may be the last Wrasse I can add to the tank for some time. Its not for a lack of money to add anymore fish at this time, work just doesn't let me off to be home to take deliveries on fish I have on my, want to buy list. The Post Office feels that it is cheaper for them to work me on all my days offs instead adding new employee's to our work force. I am supposed to get Sunday and another day off during the week, I can count on one hand the times I have had the other day off in the last 2 1/2 years. For those of you who have a LFS that will order and get in some of these nicer fish for your tank,,,, count yourself's lucky and don't take them for granted, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts, you will have take my word on this, it could be worse read that part again. Being able to have my LFS get in some of the nicer fish on my list, would make things a lot easier on me and most likely prolong my life expectancy, due to lack of stress. I do have a fish question though I read pretty much anything about Wrasses that I can get my hands on, I look at the stock list for people's tanks that I consider to be Pros when its comes to keeping these fish. What I am looking for here is, what fish will get along with their tank mates and not cause a problem, when it comes to having to remove a fish from the tank. I know its not a sure thing when it comes to, not getting a problem fish, but it does give someone that doesn't know a lot, a starting point in picking my, want to buy list. So, my question ,,, Labout's Fairy Wrasse ,, what's up with this fish? I have never actually seen this fish with my own eyes, which is the case with most all Wrasse's from the pictures I have seen of this fish, I think it is a pretty cool looking fish, yet non of the people that I consider to be Pro's (in the National Forums) when it comes to keeping these fish in their tanks, seem to have this Wrasse in their tanks. This kinda leads me to believe they don't have this fish in their tanks for a reason ,, its not a cheap fish either, so what is up with this fish? As it stands right now, this fish is at the bottom of my want to buy list with a question mark next to it.
  3. I am here Doctor letting me go back to work this coming Wednesday Tired of doing landry, sweeping & mopping, cutting the grass etc.
  4. Thanks ,,, pic came out with a bit to much blue The Hooded is going to grow up to be a really nice looking fish.
  5. Redfish

    Crazy fish

    Dang ,,, and I thought my Yellow tang was bad ,,, didn't know how good I had it. Sorry about the Diamond Goby
  6. Lineatus Wrasse Clown Wrasse Choris Wrasse Hooded Wrasse
  7. I got a good look at the Lineatus this morning, he is out and about, still ducks back into the rock when the big Yellow Tang comes around, but pops right back out. On the plus side he ate a really good meal this morning I really don't know what I am talking about here, just going by You Tube video's that I have seen. I think he is a young fish (which is what he is supposed to be) red color is just starting to appear on his dorsal fin, the anal and tail fin are still clear with no color, not as pretty as video's of super males that I have seen, he will get there though. I will try and get my photographer to get some pic's this evening Its hard to pull her and the camera away from the new Grandbaby
  8. The Hooded is a pig ,,,, I am going to have to up the amount of Nori I put into the tank. I got a Lineatus Wrasse in today, pretty awesome looking fish, dosn't have the colors of a super male yet, but still a looker.
  9. That better be a big fish pond or you had better incorporate a big riding lawn mower into your plans Looks like everything is coming along nicely.
  10. You really have to know my Yellow Tang to appreciate this ,,, He is the boss in the tank ,,, I am not saying he is mean ,,, he just likes moving fish out of his way or just moving them because he has nothing better to do, he can be a pain. So,,, he is swimming around the tank this morning with a piece of Nori in his mouth, showing all the other fish that he is the boss,,, my new Hooded Wrasse, which is about the 3/4 the size of the Yellow Tang dorsal fin ,,, swims right up and snatches the Nori right out of his mouth lol ,,,,,
  11. I had the same problem keeping this coral, I lost 2 of them,,,,, the last one I got I put deeper in my tank, lower Par ,,, so far it is still alive, but its only been in the tank for a month. In the past I have lost them pretty quick ,,, so a month in and still alive is a record for me
  12. Got a frag pack coming from Jorge
  13. Looking for a Poly & Zoa frag pack ,,, mostly polys ,,, for the new 40g tank. Must be willing to ship to me, budget is around $250 to $300 including shipping. Doesn't have to be high $$$ corals, I can buy those as I come across them, I am just looking for some nice corals to jump start the tank.