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  1. New 210 build

    How can I tell the old ai sol from the newer version
  2. New 210 build

    What are some options on led lights that won't break the bank so bad?
  3. New 210 build

    On a t5 setup hire many bulbs would i need. And are there any thoughts on metal halide?
  4. New 210 build

    Just bought a nice 210 tank and i am looking for advice on lighting. Going to start off fish only for a while then gradually add coral. Tank dimensions are 72x30x24. Will i need special lights because of the height? All advice welcome.
  5. RBTA - SOLD

    Where are you located?
  6. Sunfire coral ay coral connection

    My wife was the person that bought the large colony. She absolutely loves it, with the exception that it only blooms at night right now. I have been slowly making it bloom earlier in the day.
  7. Live sand bed

    Thanks JT .. Its been a while since I started a tank from scratch.
  8. Live sand bed

    I was wondering if it is necessary to put down some eggcrate or create a plenum when using live sand as a bed
  9. Scotch seminar

    Scotch seminar..that would be da chit ... Count me in for that one..
  10. Fantasy football

    Count me in for the fantasy league
  11. Who got my GARF frag?

    just read about this. i checked my tank grim and i do not see your frag in my tank. i even googled a pic just to make sure since i am still generally new tonall the different corals. sorry.
  12. July 15 Gulfport, MS Event - Food Topic

    Name tags it is..
  13. July 15 Gulfport, MS Event - Food Topic

    i know its last minute, but is there anything that I can bring to the meet.
  14. new store in chalmette.

    9212 west judge perez... right down from marcos pizza, in the same building on the end
  15. Has anyone been to the new pet store in chalmette. B&J exotic pets. I live in chalmette and have yet to stop by. Just wondering if anyone has been by there yet.