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  1. kxthor911

    Tank donation (please read carefully)

    Sorry. Didn't see this. But soon would be good. Most of the other stuff is out of the house now.
  2. Hey guys, been along time. Not sure how many people I remember on here. Life has been stupid busy, fun and a little crazy. Anyways I'm selling my house so I need to get rid of my tank and it needs a good home. This is going to be sorta a PIF since people have helped me with other things in my life I'm going to help someone here. There are some rules, and since I have not been around I'll need some mods to help me out if you don't mind. Ok, so since this is generous on my part whoever wants it needs to be able to verify that they have either helped someone else in the hobby or given something away of value. (helped means gone to get a tank for someone else or helped carry ect you get the point. given something away needs to be something of value since this is. lets say $100) Needs to be an established member so the other members of this forum will know they will be around for some time to come. Needs to be someone that already has one tank so they know what they are getting into. Now whats being given away is the tank that I bought for Mike a few years ago. Its 125 gallon, 18 inches tall and 18 inches deep and six feet long. Tank is drilled and has refugium and return pump (motor works, pump maybe locked up) a couple of tunze 6095s seem to be locked up. Tank and stand together are large. May need two trucks or truck and trailer to carry. PS all the equipment I have is dirty. It was taken down and put in the garage. We have been working on my house getting it ready for sale. I have some items for sale as well. 125 pounds of rock $100 300 gallon (I believe) reef octopus skimmer (not sure if pump works) $150 (if this price is fair, obo) 5 foot 6 bulb ati sunpower 350 light works like a champ and does not have many hours on it. Hanna checkers $25 each (barely used) missing vial for phosphate (reagent thrown away expired.) Hammerhead float cleaner $50 obo 25 gallon food safe drums for making water - $20 each If more than one person qualifies for this I will have a mod help me decide how we can be fair about giving it away. I'm in lake charles so you would be responsible for coming to get it. Thanks and good luck.
  3. kxthor911

    Thank You Staff, Members, & Speakers!

    Thanks you Greg for the great place for the meet. Thanks to all the other staff for helping out with everything. JT glad you were greatly organized with all the raffles.
  4. kxthor911

    Thank You Staff, Members, & Speakers!

    Good to meet you Jerry. Mike speaks highly of you, lots of good people on this forum. People of the world could learn alot of you guys.
  5. kxthor911

    Oceanic 120 for sale

    Beautiful tank. Seen it in person several times. If your in the market don't pass it up lightly.
  6. kxthor911

    Hell Week

    Hey man what's up. Been sick here for a couple weeks so I have not been on. Wish the best for you.
  7. kxthor911

    Red Sea Pro Test Kits FS

    Still for sale
  8. kxthor911

    Merry Christmas everyone

    x2 merry Christmas everyone.
  9. kxthor911

    Favia for sale or trade

    Opps sorry. My mistake. "Cowers down don't shun me please ." What's up Scott?
  10. kxthor911

    From Lafayette and new here!

    The two above my post are awesome people. I'm sure if you have any questions they will be more than able to help out being so close. Welcome to BRK.
  11. kxthor911

    hey from lafayette,new to the hobby

    Sorry mr bobby. How dare I forget about you and mr. Earl.
  12. kxthor911

    hey from lafayette,new to the hobby

    Opps my bad spelled your nic wrong.
  13. kxthor911

    185 part out

    How big are the purple tang filament wrasse and copperband butterfly. Interested in all 3 but you are some distance from me. Do you ever head to Lafayette or lake Charles ? Thanks.
  14. kxthor911

    hey from lafayette,new to the hobby

    Hey man welcome. These guys are great and you have quite a few people in your area that could be alot of help to you. Arkeaus is a good guy knows alot about the hobby and has a killer tank. He will help you with anything you need. Again welcome.
  15. kxthor911

    Favia for sale or trade

    Maybe someone would bite if you said things your wanting to trade for. Any type of coral in particular?