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  1. Bump - Torches Sold, everything else is left.
  2. Clearing out the frag tank. Need to make some room! Located in Lafayette, but going to meet this Sunday. I'll post pictures this evening. PM Me for more info. Myagi Tort - Small / Medium / Large Frags Red Cap - Medium / Large Colony, also can make frags Green Poccilipora "Brandon May Special" - Md Frags Green Psammacora - Small Frags Snowflake Polyp Frags - Multiple Sizes Ponape Birds Nest - Md Frag
  3. I have 2 Radion Gen 3 for sale. Both were used for a year and half before the circuit board went out. the LED pucks are still in great shape, as well as the drivers. Ecotech sells a replacement driver board, for around $200, i just decided to go a different route. Looking to get $150 per unit, or $275 for the pair. Willing to drive within reason. Message me or Text me 337-412-0807 for details.
  4. @dbraun15 Are these the same nems that originated from Earl/Elands tanks? Same for Kirk plays. Text me 337-412-0807
  5. Mods please close. Equipment found.
  6. @TheGrimmReefer The radion drivers were kept outside of the sump area for as long as i've had them. I was worried at first about salt creep and the apex, but other than the usual light salt on the cords directly above the sump, I really haven't had an issue with it.
  7. Lafayette, but I can meet within reason.
  8. Wow. I can't believe its been over a year and a half since I've updated this thread. I guess a quick update is in order. I originally set this tank up in a my 3rd floor apartment in Baton Rouge (not my best idea). I've moved 4 times in the past year for work, so when I left Baton Rouge I moved the tank to my parents place in Broussard, where its been since February 2015. Im creeping up on 2 years since i started this thing, and other than the recent mishaps, its been pretty much on auto pilot. To anyone who is on the fence on getting an APEX, i can honestly say that it is the sole reason I'm still in the hobby. Currently in my tank I have: 1- MD/LG Desardini Tang 1- MD Blue Hippo 1- MD/Lg Yellow Tank 1- Sm/Md Vlamingi Tang (Yes tang police, I'm well aware he is going to have to get a bigger tank one day, but i got him when he was the size of a quarter) 2- XL PJ Cardinals 2-Engineer Gobies (Have had them since Nov 2014, no issues with rock structure. I do have a deeper sand bed which helps.) 1-Longnose Hawk 1-ORA Black Snowflake male 1- Cleaner Shrimp 1- Coral Banded (I had a mated pair, but haven't been able to find the female in quite some time. ) For Corals, I took the low maintenance route and stuck with softies. I've been in the hobby now for 7 years, and stony corals always hate me. My centerpiece is an XL Green Sinulara. I keep trimming it back and it grows back bigger every time. I also have 2 large toadstool mushrooms, and well as a variety of mix matched softies. I would love to post some pictures but that brings me to my current predicament........... About 2.5-3 weeks ago my Right Radion G3 went out. For a day or so I thought it was my Apex, but after triple checking everything i took it down to investigate. After taking it apart, the root of the problem is corrosion on the circuit board, so bad that some of the resistors had corroded off. After calling EcoTech and finding out the unit is CONVENIENTLY out of warranty, I took my other Radion G3 and mounted it center of the Tank. 2 weeks pass no issue. Last Weekend, I wake up to 1) my only Radion not working, 2) My Apex Autofeeder inside of the actual tank, 3) my APEX display strobing blue, with no data on the screen, and 4) one of my MP40s laying on the ground, the west side laying in the sand. Either I have a ghost or something malfunctioned and sent everything into haywire while i was sleeping. Since then I've been able to get everything to work, except the radion. Ive taken it out and tried it on its own without the APEX. It will turn on for about 30 secs, make the error noise, and shut off. I'm almost positive its the same issue as the other radion, especially with both going out in such a short time. FOR REFERENCE: I had them mounted to my canopy, about 8 inches off of the water. So, now I am a crossroads. By all means, i don't want to get rid of the tank. So I'll rule that out now. However, I need lights within the next week or my coral will most likely start to decay. My initial thoughts on this were to get a use T5 retrofit, then save up for a new LED fixture. ***After spending over 2 grand with ecotech between radions and mp40s, to receive the service i did, I'll never give them another dollar. What are some of you thoughts on what i should do? I value your input. P.S. Sorry for the horrible grammar and spelling.
  9. In the past two weeks, both of my Radion G3 have gone out. I was hoping EcoTech would help me out with repairing them, however they want close to $300 per fixture, plus shipping. So at this time, thats not really an option. That being said, I'm looking for lighting to be used for a 36 wide, 24 deep, 24 tall 90 gallon. I have pretty much all softies. I'm not looking for anything crazy, just enough to keep everything alive until I can upgrade to a new pair of lights. Please message me on here, or shoot me a text @ 337-412-0807 Thanks in Advance. -Jaeden / Tubaman
  10. Carbon and GFO,which I what the chemi pure if made out of, only pull out what is already in your tank, so worse case Scenario your water parameters will stay what they were before you put the chemi pure in. You'll be fine for a few weeks, just remove it when you can.
  11. Benjy yes, but the cup is only about 8" back. Cleaning it isn't too bad. And yes the electronic are facing the sump, however, there is a decent amount of space between the sump and the apex. I check regularly for any signs of wear, been good so far.