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  1. 1200 Maxi-jet 2- 600 Maxi-Jets 100 w heater Tunze Skimmer Soft Coral Rock One Tomato Clown Sale it all 175.00 Please text me for picture's 985-605-4125 located Slidell La
  2. rfrostla

    xenia and leather frags

    Small Frag $5.00 dollars Small Frags hairy leather not sure of the type grows well $5.00
  3. rfrostla

    First big loss

    I made a newbi mistake and did not date my rodi filters, lost three of my fish. Funny thing is all my coral are fine. I did a water change, and purchased top off water at the pet store and the two remaining fish have perked up and doing well. Lesson learned.
  4. rfrostla

    Want to buy mushrooms at Big Easy or Slidell areas

    Lars if you have extra, I would like a few, What are you asking for them
  5. rfrostla

    FS: Red Sea Max 250

    Pm'd you
  6. rfrostla

    Iphone photos gone

    Sadly no, if you don't have a local backup or a cloud. The erased the data, then looks for the copy to re-install.
  7. rfrostla

    WTS Sicce Voyager 3 power head ***SOLD

    I want it. PM sent
  8. rfrostla

    WTB SIx foot tank

    Looking for a drilled six foot tank
  9. Reef Octopus NW150 protein skimmer Do you still have this
  10. rfrostla


    Sent a pm
  11. rfrostla

    can you have to much skimmer?

    Thanks everyone
  12. rfrostla

    can you have to much skimmer?

    This is sized for a 290 gal with sump I have 80 gal of water. Would putting it on a timer and only running it say 12 hrs help??
  13. rfrostla

    can you have to much skimmer?

    Thinking about buying a skimmer, question can you have to much skimmer, right now I have a 40 gal display with a 55 gal sump, I'm looking for a larger display, but I do not want to hurt the small tank.