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  1. Twinn at least,post up a lit pic of the holding system. I like the box you built for overflow. May see if you can build one for the 40b. It just has holes thru the back wall for drain and return.
  2. I have been talking with Gerwin at Just Fish. I have the tank and a real sump to use. It will be just as simple as in the past, minimal rock, no filtration other than a sponge the sump for heater and ATO and of course additional water volume. I have everything but lighting and return pump. Livestock as before will be strictly LPS. As as far as Harley transport that 9 plus hour trip might be tough..... these will probably come by car... being in Florida I am 3 hours from almost anything other than the Keys so I have options here that might work out well.
  3. Wow, I have been out a long time I guess, finally have a place to set a system up again. Going to attempt to replicate the old 40B easy and simple. No one has done anything for your tank since 2016???
  4. Old one but %5BURL=
  5. I guess not being on here I miss a few things and with 2 major events cooking. Admins are busy bu looks like close to a year since you've had a contest.
  6. So large system SPS dominate and minimal maintenance? plans are on hold for the 15' in wall in Hattiesburg but: 1 lighting I say best of both worlds, led T5 combo. 2 skimmer, premium brand sized at least 30% over Total water Volume 3 CARX a pain to set up but once operational easy peasy 4 emergency power supply whole house so temp stability is done 5 controller, I have never used one have one I'd sell but for a large system a big help 6 sump total volume at least 50% of display an aid for stability 7 air filter system in tank room to remove humidity and possible home toxins 8 pumps with redundancy gotta have the flow. 9 premium test system. richard.....
  7. Go for it Jensen, I'm stuck in Jacksonville, FL in a house we are not allowed to have a tank in....
  8. Mike I am a long ways away but prayers for you and your family, I know you will persevere. If I can help give me a shout
  9. Wish I could, Becky did just spot a 360 here in Jacksonville for sale, HMMMMMMM
  10. Per list Radions were sold sorry
  11. Chiller is about 4 years old I ran it 5 months changed lights and home A/C and it has been in storage since.
  12. I also have a GEO 618, 5lb aluminum co2 tank, pinpoint PH controller, full of media. the regulator works but really needs replaced and it needs a new probe. $425.00
  13. 120 G tank Metal stand 40B sump pump plumbing $425 Titanium Chiller 1/10 HP JBJ$300 MP40 QD$275 MP10 WES$175 2 ea RMS mounts for Radion XR30$65 4 ea Radion Gen 2 XR30$250 57 W Aqua UV 6 mos old w additional new bulb$400 Warner Marine Kone Cone 202 Skimmer $400 2 ea 55 gal drums with metal stand and drains $35 removed formatting does this work?