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  1. When was this built/ brand? Any more pics, what comes with it? Pis are good too, texting them is Ok.
  2. I've decided to buy a new APEX and 832. Do you just need the "Classic" brain or EB-8 as well?. I'm planning on keeping at least 2 EB-8's but I may have 3 of them. If you are still looking let me know.
  3. I have an Eb-8 I would be willing to sell or preferably trade for something we can both use. Ive got monti eating nudi's and just ordered new rock to fix this. After fragging and dragging I hope beat them. Let me know.
  4. Sounds good. Don't know if you still got my number but I'll pm you in the morning. Can't do it from my phone for some reason. I've got a shutdown this week so I've got to work around that but I can send you the money whenever. Thanks bro.
  5. Yes just the base unit. If you're willing to separate give me a price for the base unit and BASE UNIT + the WXM. I've got a couple EB-8's and VDM. I've got to open a ticket with Neptune to see if they can fix mine but right now I can't control my lights. I lost the web address for my Hydra 26. Their claim to fame is not requiring a controller. I've been using my Apex with VDM so when it went out I was SOL. I email customer service and they tell me just use the controller that came with it or get another apex. So basically I'm on my own. Sorry to vent. I hadn't seen or talked to you in a while but I hate you are getting out. Just need a break? S
  6. Jay are you interested in selling just the Apex controller itself? We had a power outage over the weekend and apparently mine didn't like it too much. Steve
  7. I would have even more concern if this were true. Could have catastrophic consequences if someone accidentally or otherwise dumped the LFS water in their DT.
  8. So is this basically going to be a FOWLR tank? I don't know right off of many coral from the gulf. I'll look tonight and see what I have, I know I have some sand however an incident in my shop with some transmission fluid my have rendered it useless but I will look and see.
  9. I'm with Jay and Grimm. I'd try and e-mail him first and include a pic of the label. It is possible what he ordered isn't what he got either. That doesn't explain the QT issue though, however he may clarify by saying certain species etc... If he doesn't respond to the email try and call. Let him know you sent the email, this is for me personally where I would weigh his responses carefully. If he says he saw it and was too busy to respond that may be true and may explain some of the mix-up. Then follow up by mentioning the QT issue. I wouldn't necessarily try to trick him but I may say I bought a "fish" from you before without mentioning type and say you informed me all fish were QT'd for etc... Then, again, weigh his response. Then I would choose one of your responses above, but I would be cautious about putting him on blast-even if he deserves it. I would simply state the facts as you did above and let other people decide for themselves. If you just MF the guy people will likely think your just a pissed off customer, but if you present everything like above they can decide for themselves. Sorry for the long response, just aggravates me when people say they will do something then don't and I think we have all been in a similar situation as yours. Either way let us know what happens hopefully he'll offer to make it right with a credit or exchange.
  10. Just wanted to say thanks-the fish and corals are doing fine just waiting for benny to get ready to move :-) I also want to let anybody know who is looking for some live rock this is some really sweet looking pieces. I don't think you can buy dead rock for the price of this.
  11. Im home all day tomorrow. I want benny and a few other pieces. Ive sent pms and listed here. Im 5 minutes away b from you so text me seven 03-1421. Im sure ill b interested in others too. Let me know
  12. I'll for sure take Benny, and most likely the Firefish, plate and open brain. You going to be around tonight or when is a good time? I also sent a PM
  13. No in the pic above the one with the birdnest...