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  1. Sure is. You can text me if you want 985 414 4557
  2. Gimme my money back and come pick it up, best i could do
  3. Due to changes in home purchasing finances im forced to sell my setup. Innovative marine nuvo fusion 40 with mesh guard Custom antiques solid oak stand Hydra 26 hd (black) Aquamaxx hob 1 skimmer (updated version) Cobalt neotherm heater Aqua gadgets media basket 2 hydor koralia pumps Smart ato 2 mag float glass cleaners Refractometer Bag of rods food Hatchery diet pellets 5 gallon jug 2.5 gallon jug Salinity salt 2 paired blacker ice clowns 1 head of green tipped hammer Gsp 1 green hairy mushroom 30lbs live rock 4 rbta Looking to get rid of the setup immediately at the low price of 600$
  4. calliesdad

    LF mp-40

    Bump, will also consider mp10qd
  5. calliesdad

    LF mp-40

    Says you cant recive pms ron
  6. calliesdad

    LF mp-40

    Looking for a mp-40 quiet drive.
  7. Have a yellow eye cole tang for sale or trade. Fish is in great shaoe with no spotting. Eats well and has no problem with tank mates. Just not enjoying him as much as i thought. He is about 2.5". Also seems a little cramped in my tank for him, open to trades for fish/corals/gear
  8. Looking to sell or teade my aquamaxx hob-1 skimmer. It works great but id like something a little more "neater" that fits in my rear chamber being that my setup is in my living room hoping to trade for the innovative marine ghost midsize skimmer or 170$
  9. Yes tank stand and light
  10. If you decide to part out i would be interested in the tank