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  1. Grandis pallys for sale Lafayette

    Will do it will probably be in a couple of days everyone over here is sick with the flu .
  2. GFO Rinsing

    Why not just save a step and just hook it up and rinse with tank water? That’s all I have ever done .
  3. My First Build 75g

    I used the clear mesh from amazon and the build your own screen kit from Lowe’s. I have seen people say fish jumped through diffusers. I have used screen tops even with a canopy .
  4. Finally made it here from LARC

    Search his name and see what his last post was .
  5. My First Build 75g

    Might want to put a screen top on the tank clowns are known to jump .
  6. NEPTUNE Trident

    That’s all I heard besides beta testing .
  7. December 2017 POTM Submission thread (Anything goes)

    This is the best picture of something in my tank. You take awesome pictures with you phone .
  8. Grandis pallys for sale Lafayette

    South side by Kaliste Saloom and camellia .
  9. Natural Reefkeeping

    I wanted to do an under gravel filter on my new tank and just hook to the pipes on it for water changes. I was going to do just doing could suck under my sand and rock .
  10. Rose bubble tips for sale.

    Darn wish I was going that way .
  11. Rose bubble tips for sale.

    Where are you located .
  12. CSB Anemone straight cell picture

    I have wanted one for years. .
  13. Fluval sp6 or jebao dct/dcs 9000

    Stick with Fluval great pumps at great price .
  14. 32” sb reef led wifi

    Why not add a second SB light .
  15. Green branching hammer

    Price must be listed .