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  1. Sure if you want to come by you can pick one out .
  2. most have 10 or more heads. .
  3. Would you be interested in some grandis pallys .
  4. Sounds good I’ll pm you my number .
  5. Last bump before it gets packed up. .
  6. Last bump before they go to LFS 20 a frag all have multiple polyps .
  7. It looks like a new tank it’s part of the cycle. It’s diatoms .
  8. Gone gave it away .
  9. Xenia doesn’t release palytoxin. But I had read some where in the original story he said he did something to rock with zoas. I can’t find that story anywhere. This story sounds fishy to me. .
  10. I have always had problems with them. Seems they go after corals after aptasia is gone. I’ve even had some stop eating aptasia to eat certain corals. .
  11. Will do it will probably be in a couple of days everyone over here is sick with the flu .
  12. Why not just save a step and just hook it up and rinse with tank water? That’s all I have ever done .
  13. I used the clear mesh from amazon and the build your own screen kit from Lowe’s. I have seen people say fish jumped through diffusers. I have used screen tops even with a canopy .
  14. Might want to put a screen top on the tank clowns are known to jump .
  15. That’s all I heard besides beta testing .