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  1. Aqua max

    Im not to familiar withe the dimensions on that tank my 20 gallon I used a 4 bulb t5. The 165 watt would work just turn it down. Im abput to list my t5 for 75 bucks its a 24 inch. I think the bulbs are like 4 months old i have 1 new bulb for it I have to go to storage for it. Dont remember the bulb combo. It was on my anenome tank.
  2. Free RBTA's

    Thanks for doing this
  3. Free RBTA's

    I want one
  4. Apex lite for sale pictures added

    Going to Baton Rouge Friday and again Sunday. Lets get this sold I want to buy some fish
  5. Aqua max

    Looks like a nice light. My only concern is its only 36 watts dont know what coral it would grow.
  6. Reactor

    What kind and do you need a pump to run it
  7. Torches for sale and other corals

    He obviously dont want to sell told me he would meet me the flaked on me. I can post screen shots.
  8. Tearing down tank

    Also some that has been around for a while his real name is Brad Segura. Was banned several times on another page probably banned from here thats why he has a different name now
  9. Tearing down tank

    He is going to reply a few times. Say he is going to meet you then leave you hanging. Im done with him tried to buy torches from him. He stood me up a few years ago after i broke a rock to get him a bubble tip and fragged my hammers for him.
  10. Damn I hate to hear this. Your tank was always my inspiration. I know how you feel i lost all my corals and a few of my fish in my 300. It caused me not to want to keep tbe tank. Now i am trying to get back into it. I really wanted to see what you would do with a 300. Damn 4000 I hope that was tank stand and canopy
  11. Torches for sale and other corals

    Ill take the rainbow torch. I can meet this evening. Sent you a pm
  12. Apex lite for sale pictures added

  13. Apex lite for sale pictures added

  14. Waveline DC6000

  15. Dsa pro 65 for sale 500.00

    Sold lock it up