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  1. Did anyone ever take of the black trim around the top and bottom of a fish tank? If so can you tell me how you did it? Thanks
  2. I saw petco has $1 per gallon tanks rite now so I'm thinking about starting a 40gallon for now instead of my 75. If I do a 40 gallon will I need a sump and protein skimmer? Also this will be a fish only tank no corals!!!
  3. Haha okay buddy thanks for the help I'll get with him!!! What kind of tank u have? Send me some pics bro
  4. That's what I figured too man thanks!!! Should I wire it all together where everything comes on at 1 time or how should I wire it?
  5. i work at a sign company and deal with a lot of LEDs for signs all the time so I can get the leds for free!!! I was wondering if anyone knows if those leds would be ok for a fish only tank? I can put 90 LEDs on 1 ballast!!! What colors should I put? Thanks
  6. Can u send me a pic of the 75gal tank?
  7. I have a 75 gallon tank and wanting to do all led lighting on it. It's a fish only tank so if anyone can tell me what's a good led to use for my tank I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks
  8. Just finished my house and looking to start up a tank again. I want to do coral inserts is there anyone who knows where I can buy them? For now it will be a fish only tank until my new born baby gets older. Thanks
  9. 3 royal blue 2 white asking $75
  10. chad985


    $20 2 heads $30. $20
  11. I have 6 mabye more hairy mushrooms on a rock asking $50 if u want a pic text me (985)870-3941
  12. I have the coralife new one plz send pics
  13. chad985

    Excotic LEDs

    Does anyone have any LEDs for sale or stunner strips? Looking to install in my 29 biocube
  14. I have a coralife biocube 29 and looking to change the lights to all LEDs have anyone done this? If so plz post pics