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  1. marine_tibby

    April POTM Voting Thread

    those are some good alterations! tough choice!!!
  2. marine_tibby

    Diver's Den SIGH

    I totally understand this thought
  3. marine_tibby

    Tunze USA - Fragniappe 2017

    That is some great news guys! great work to our team! w00t w00t
  4. marine_tibby

    Best Titled Build Thread

    Nope, I have drilled about 5 tanks. Granted, I am still nervous.
  5. marine_tibby

    Best Titled Build Thread

    I will start drilling the holes in the tank tomorrow.
  6. marine_tibby

    Best Titled Build Thread

    So my first decision to make is how many holes to drill. I will need at minimum 4. One for a feed to the external pump and another for the return. I will need another two for the Sump and return. Once I get a number figured out I need to plan on where to drill. I think I want the return from the Recirc pump to be directly in the center. That is unless I go with two returns from the recirc pump on each side. Either way I will be using those rotating heads on every return line going into the tank. I have never used them and really want to try them in this build.
  7. marine_tibby

    Best Titled Build Thread

    Parts are starting to arrive so I thought it was time to start my build thread. This is going to be a 25 gallon Nano. Hole saws arrived this week, waiting on the bulkheads to get here in the next couple days. I want to double check sizes before I start drilling.
  8. marine_tibby

    LaRon's 75g Mixed

    looking good! give it a few more months and you will be sitting back in amazement of your creation.
  9. marine_tibby

    Redspot Cardinalfish - Apogon parvulus

    You should write a review on the Diver's Den. I have been curious about ordering something from there.
  10. marine_tibby

    3gp files

    wasn't trying to be rude. It is just like a mechanic asking what type of vehicle and you replying its a car. lol Glad you got it solved though!!!
  11. guess i can get used to that lol
  12. marine_tibby

    3gp files

    Unless it is a Nexus I wouldn't call my phone a Android. Might just me being picky though. What app are you using to capture the video?
  13. I thought it was a spam click-bait type thing the first couple of times, Then I realized what it was and now enjoy the idea and concept. Now if they could just implement a CRTL+Enter feature for sendings PMs and posting to a thread.
  14. marine_tibby

    Build thread of nice clean rocks; unveiled!

    what happened to listening and talking to the rocks? lol though I do like what you have here.
  15. marine_tibby

    Variable speed closed loop circulation

    I like the Ocean Motions devices, had one on a 70 gallon a few years back. It wouldn't do much for the ramping feature that I am eager to try/experience. From what I recall the Ocean Motions device would just swap outlets, unless they have made changes to that also.