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  1. Sold, please close. Thanks!
  2. Absolutely, just let me know.
  3. I'm located in Houma. I have some pictures when it was up and running. I can post pictures of it when I get home in its non-used state. IMG_3047 by Tracy, on Flickr IMG_3046 by Tracy, on Flickr
  4. We have a RedSea Max 250 (65 gallons) and stand for sale. One pump has been replaced and the T-5s were in use for about a month before we got the new tank. It has been in the shed for about a year so it needs to be cleaned, but otherwise in great condition. It also has a Marine Stunner strip installed for "shimmer". $500 OBO. Thanks
  5. I think I will actually be able to make this. It will be my first one. Do we need to bring anything to help out? I'm a frag virgin.
  6. Your tank is freaking amazing. If I can can get mine to look a quarter that good I will be doing great!
  7. So many's making me crazy. Capt, when would you be selling your lights?
  8. Thanks Grimm, I believe the dimensions are 48" long, 24" high, and 18" deep.
  9. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been lurking. We are getting ready to purchase a 90 gal and I need some help deciding on lighting. We have a RSM 250 now that is using 6 T5s now, but we want to go LED with this one. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I don't want to buy crap either. The tank will be predominately softies and LPS (fish too!)...I may try my hand at SPS, but it won't be the main focus. The ones I think would be adequate are the Radions, Maxspect Razor, and AI Hydras. I do want them to be controllable, but I only have a Mac and no PC at home (although I can borrow one from work to setup). Please help me make the right choice!
  10. Lucy


    Hi Alto...interested in your skimmer is you still have it.
  11. Thanks guys...I tested the nitrites yesterday and it was reading 0.25 so I think I definitely need to wait a little longer. I hate this hurry up and wait stuff.
  12. Hi All...It's been a while since I have been on the forum. Life gets in the way too much. Anyway, we have purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea and have been having it setup with just water, dry sand, dry rock, and one small live rock from our Biocube 29 for about three weeks. I would like to start transferring everything over to the new tank but I would like to get you all's opinion on the best route. The biocube is about 9 mos. old with two clowns, 6 line, lawnmower blenny, and a rainfordi gobi. As far as coral, we have ricordia, two small RBTAs, GSP, wellso, xenia, hammer, torch, frogspawn, and a few other softies. Everything in the 65 is stock at the moment. The biocube as a media rack with ChemiPure Elite, purigen, and chaeto. It also has some cyano and flat worms. Should I just take as much water from the 29 and put it in the new tank along with the live rock? Anything else special I should do? This is my first move and I don't want to shock or kill anything. BTW, I haven't tested any of the parameters of the new tank yet, but I will do that tonight. Thanks!