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  1. Thanks for the offer! That would be a long round trip for me. Let me see if I can find something closer to ocean springs, MS.
  2. I know some reefers on the gulf coast have some bubblegum digitata. I’d like to buy a frag.
  3. rishma


    Less than a year old. Gently used, works perfectly. I increased size of my refugium so I am changing the light. Inclides everything- light, power supply and gooseneck. $90
  4. rishma


    Gone, thanks
  5. These RBTA have awesome bubble tips, not the deflated form you see in most tanks. I have kept them under halides and now under LEDs and they always kept the bright color and bubble tips. 3-5" $40. PM if you want one. One pic with white LEDs only. The other pic under full spectrum.