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  1. Age of the tank? Location? Feel free to text me (985)-803-0536 Vic Morvant
  2. I sold my tank, but i still have a couple of fish in from my other tank... Picasso Trigger 4'' $20 Panther Grouper 3'' $10 I had to delete my photobucket account. I didnt realize that was a public site. I had some pretty rancid/inappropriate pics on there from my party days. Couldnt figure out how to make it private so i deleted it. I can text pics or email them Fish are located in lafayette....call, text anytime 985 8o3 o5 3 six ........Vic
  3. Mine works fine. I was selling some miscellaneous stuff i have. I have entirely too much extra aquarium stuff from when i used to breed. Just cant track down this pump.
  4. No i knew i let someone burrow it. He said it ended up being too big for his tank so he couldnt use it. The problem is, he never brought it back.
  5. Just sent you back a message..For all future questions, please text me. I rarely get on here since the tank is kind of being shutdown.
  6. Hmmmmm...I could be off, but im getting some different calculations for your water volume in each chamber. Not sure how you calculated that. For example, I came out with 9.662 gallons for your return section.
  7. UV Light sold. Everything else still available including Koralias
  8. Scuba do you still want that UV light? . Just need it gone haha
  9. My bad for taking so long to reply, it never notifies me when someone comments on this thread.
  10. $1200. Fair deal i would say. I paid that just for stand and canopy. I wouldnt ship anything, but if your in BR, i would probably just bring it to you. I go there often. Which wave makers are you talking about? Thanks, very much not planned, but it will be awesome to be a dad. Yea im in lafayette. I go to school up here. I go back to thibodaux a lot on weekends. That is where i was raised.
  11. Bump $1800 will part out some stuff. Here's some Extra equipment i have laying around, Mag 7 or Mag 9 (will find out what it is as soon as the guy borrowing brings it back to me) $35 Overflow box (utubes, filters etc) $40 1400 GPH Wavemaker (used for 1 month) $30 UV Light $30 24'' pro scraper with all three attachments $20 4-6 new power compacts 96 watt some square some straight pin. 453's and 10,000 K $10 a piece
  12. Hmmm i dont know much about it, i used it when i used ti breed cichlids (got conned into getting it) i did have it hooked up on my older reef tank. It is rated for 120-150 gallons i believe. Id sell it for $30
  13. Due to a baby on the way, i have to put my tank up for sale. The tank and all equipment are 5 months old. I just recently compiled all my tanks into one, but now i have to sell. Standard 125 Gallon Tank Reef Ready Dual return and intakes Oak stand and canopy 384 Watt Power Compact Extra built in cooling fans 2 hydor 1600 GPH Mag 12 return (One Week Old) 350 Reef Octopus Skimmer with upgraded pump (Two-three weeks old) 36'' Trigger ELITE sump refugium with refugium lights 130 lbs live sand 130 pounds of live rock (Ballie, Tonga, and Venautu) titanium probe heater UV Light And whatever else i have laying around chemicals, pumps, hardware, no telling. Livestock: 1 Picasso Trigger 1 Blue Line trigger 1 Yellow Wrasse 1 Lyretail wrasse 1 Panther Grouper 75-100 snails (Picasso ate most of this, but theres still a lot in there) Call or text anytime or the private message on here. $2000 985- 8 0 three - 05 3 6 Vic