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  1. matthew19

    Fruit Loop Zoas!!!

    Bought a 3 headed fruit loop zoa frag about 2-3 weeks ago. They were doing perfect fully opened and everything. Well I went from 3 heads to 1 head sadly:( luckily its the adult head still left. I completely moved it from where it was and put it back on the frag rack! Any ideas? These are my favorite ones and are vanishing!
  2. matthew19

    Red/Orange cap

    Can anybody ship I got a v8 lol. Nuff said -__-
  3. matthew19

    Red/Orange cap

    Where's your friend?
  4. matthew19

    Red/Orange cap

    Maybe next vacation lol
  5. matthew19

    Red/Orange cap

    Lil bit too far for me lol. I appreciate it tho
  6. matthew19

    Red/Orange cap

    Prob about 3" long. I have a nano, a good chunk.
  7. matthew19

    aquarium stuff and more

    Lmao @ can we just go shopping. How much for a salt water test kit
  8. matthew19

    Red/Orange cap

    If anyone knows where I can get some orange or red cap sps @?
  9. matthew19

    New to BRK

    Sorry put it twice but that'd be awesome I sent him a pm today
  10. matthew19

    New to BRK

    Or maybe shoot me a frag Mr. salty :-D
  11. matthew19

    29g Oceanic Biocube build!

    Hey guys new to the forum but I figured I'd let yall in on my build. I currently have a 12g JBJ Nano with 2 par38 L.E.Ds on it with a semi upgraded filtration system, but I want to turn it into a frag tank! Soooo I bought a 29g Oceanic Biocube for 100 bucks: Tank, stand, and hood. No lights, no filtration, just gutted to the max. So I figure I'd beef it up! I've already ordered a protein skimmer, a media basket, . When that gets set up I will put water, sand, rocks, add a refugium, and let that run for about a week. Right now I'm looking at a awesoome L.E.D. system from rapidled, it screws right on the stock hood! I have no pics of anything right now but this tank will be my baby. Everything in it will be high end! Will start a new thread when I am finished my project with progression photos :-)
  12. matthew19

    New to BRK

    Or maybe you can throw me a lil frag Mr salt. :-D & yea I'm gonna change it bc it feels like I'm stealing it lol, but its an amazing pic!!
  13. matthew19

    New to BRK

    The guy I got em from has a collony, and he's dirt cheap. Mine wont be ready for a while they grow so slowwwww! I'll see if he has any frags bc I'm trying to get another frag also!
  14. matthew19

    New to BRK

    My 29 would not have enough food for a mandarin, once I get the tank up & running I'll buy one that eats prepared foods.
  15. matthew19

    New to BRK

    Lol I wish I had a mandarin, and BTW I have a 2 headed frag of fruit loops!