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  1. Bought a 3 headed fruit loop zoa frag about 2-3 weeks ago. They were doing perfect fully opened and everything. Well I went from 3 heads to 1 head sadly:( luckily its the adult head still left. I completely moved it from where it was and put it back on the frag rack! Any ideas? These are my favorite ones and are vanishing!
  2. Can anybody ship I got a v8 lol. Nuff said -__-
  3. Maybe next vacation lol
  4. Lil bit too far for me lol. I appreciate it tho
  5. Prob about 3" long. I have a nano, a good chunk.
  6. Lmao @ can we just go shopping. How much for a salt water test kit
  7. If anyone knows where I can get some orange or red cap sps @?
  8. Sorry put it twice but that'd be awesome I sent him a pm today
  9. Or maybe shoot me a frag Mr. salty :-D
  10. Hey guys new to the forum but I figured I'd let yall in on my build. I currently have a 12g JBJ Nano with 2 par38 L.E.Ds on it with a semi upgraded filtration system, but I want to turn it into a frag tank! Soooo I bought a 29g Oceanic Biocube for 100 bucks: Tank, stand, and hood. No lights, no filtration, just gutted to the max. So I figure I'd beef it up! I've already ordered a protein skimmer, a media basket, . When that gets set up I will put water, sand, rocks, add a refugium, and let that run for about a week. Right now I'm looking at a awesoome L.E.D. system from rapidled, it screws right on the stock hood! I have no pics of anything right now but this tank will be my baby. Everything in it will be high end! Will start a new thread when I am finished my project with progression photos :-)
  11. Or maybe you can throw me a lil frag Mr salt. :-D & yea I'm gonna change it bc it feels like I'm stealing it lol, but its an amazing pic!!
  12. The guy I got em from has a collony, and he's dirt cheap. Mine wont be ready for a while they grow so slowwwww! I'll see if he has any frags bc I'm trying to get another frag also!
  13. My 29 would not have enough food for a mandarin, once I get the tank up & running I'll buy one that eats prepared foods.
  14. Lol I wish I had a mandarin, and BTW I have a 2 headed frag of fruit loops!