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  1. prices negotiable also will trade for rock and or other coral/live stock.
  2. Yellow Star Polyps on rock little larger then a fist $40 Kenya Tree size of cantaloupe $25 Zoa I think its called gorilla nipples frag rock size of quarter 12+ heads $15 Army Green Polyps on rock larger then a fist $25 Green/Brown polyps fist size $15 White Pom Pom Xena free with purchase of anything above. ( I have Lots )
  3. Hell I ain't to for from you Houma guys. Just on the out skirts in Bayou Blue. That's an awesome looking tank you got there.
  4. I would def take out the check valve "and keep it out". It's possible your pump may not be strong enought to open the check and are keep it open.
  5. I honestly don't see who is buying them. Mine were given to me and when I cut back I have a hard time giving it away.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to find out how to put it on a continuos loop and play on me tv. LOL
  7. jgros

    Boat Shelf

    Well its still not done yet I plan to clean it up more add more shelfs and a good coat of paint.
  8. jgros

    Boat Shelf

    its 1/4" wood I just did it a little at a time. I'm surprised it didn't crack on me.
  9. jgros

    Boat Shelf

    So My 8 year old son saw a book shelf that looked like a boat and said he just had to have one. The other day while I was cleaning up in my shop he asked me if we could start to building him his boat shelf. So I gathered some scrap wood I had and started. I wish I would of planned it out and used good wood but he had to have it now. So here is were we at with it.......
  10. Not a bad price for 8oz. That's a lot of fragging with 8oz. I'd be worried it dry up before I use it all
  11. Do you plan on soaking the rock for a while in salt water before using it in your DT?