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  1. Bro. Congratulation! Good year, Year of the Horse. No pressure to mommy now. Lol. Prince or Princess; you going spoil them no matter what.
  2. I used Canon 9080C; I scanned large volume documents. You put them on the glass or used feeder when you scan? If you put them on the glass, next time; try put a white letter size behind it and see it work. Tried to fool it; sometime I need to do that when I scan anything smaller than letter size.
  3. Good morning. I'm using an iPhone too; download Chrome for free at App Store and on Chrome setting set remember password plus uses Google for your search engine. That should help.
  4. Joe. Good morning. Try turn off your wifi in your Android; uses just service provider and see if this happen again. It happened to me with my iPhone when I on wifi at home and at work too.
  5. Hope everyone have a nice and safe Thanksgiving! Tai
  6. If you in Metairie or Kenner area; check with Gary, Blue Haven. He usually got them stock..
  7. Jarhead

    Veterans Day

    Your guys are too kind and very thoughtful! Thank you. Tai
  8. Bro. Setting up a bigger tank?
  9. Mr. Richard. Need to get a phosphate test kit ASAP. Just did a 10% water change yesterday. Going change carbons and po4x4 tonight. Funny thing is all the algae only grow on powerheads and electrical wires. Thank you for your time. Tai
  10. Good morning. I just curious what all the masters used in they tanks to help keep the water clean for SPS. I'm got bio pellets, carbon and PO4x4 running in my 120. Lately, I'm getting a lot hair algae. I'm got 4 Sols as light and only ran 8 hours a day; max 40%. Please give me some inputs. Thank you. Tai
  11. Bobby. Can I pickup next Sunday? Paypal or COD. Please text me, 504-444-1516 picture of basket; going use that as my ATO. Thank you. Tai
  12. Bobby. If Kirk does want it; I will take it off your hand. Thank you. Tai