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  1. Where are you located?
  2. Hey, I’ve got a Choc chip star that I got before doing my research. (I know I know, I’m an idiot lol) It’s already eaten some GSP and a small toadstool I had. Just seeing if anyone wants it or trade something for it. I know they aren’t expensive but I figured I would try here. I’m located in Gulfport, MS. Let me know!
  3. Where are you located? Definitely interested in some nems. If anyone wants to split a few up!
  4. Do you know if these will work on a 48x18x20 75g tank? I'm on the hunt for some lights. Thanks!
  5. How much coverage can I get with these? Would they work on a 48x18x20 tank? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! No warning signs at all. Everything was great and working great. When my brother told me my tank was spraying water everywhere, I thought to myself, I know I had everything covered. Especially with the sump in the sump in case it overflowed. The entire silicone seam its basically gone. I can move the front glass and its clearly separated. I really hated to get rid of the fish because I've had them so long but i would rather them go to someone and live than sit in a rubbermaid container.
  7. Well a big update... One of the seals busted yesterday putting about 50 gallons of seawater into my room... Without me knowing it. I was outside doing yard work when my brother went by my room and smelled a burning smell (powerhead fried) and saw water spewing everywhere! We spent the next 6-7 hours doing damage control and getting the fish into an emergency tank. Ended up selling just about everything that night. Posted on the Just Fish Facebook page and literally within minutes I had the fish, lights, skimmer and the other power head sold. Now I just have Live Sand left. I was extremely sad to see everything go but due to the circumstances, I think it was the best thing. The fish are going to a new 200 gallon home alone with the Nem. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their advice and expert opinions. I will get back into the hobby again, just not sure when but the next time, I will make sure I have all the proper equipment and everything setup prior to getting livestock and everything.
  8. Well small update... The nem seems to be doing good. Got what looks like some diatom bloom going on. I'm assuming this is because of the new sand and new water added... but its slowly going away. Not as fast as I would like but its going non the less. Not sure if this is a norm for nems but it looks like this sometimes... Not sure what its doing... So far the "bubble tips" have yet to show. From what I've read, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Also, my clowns haven't hosted it yet. The bigger one seems to be warming up to it, getting really close to it then swimming away. From what I've read, it does take some time for them to host. I really need to get an RODI Unit. Not sure how I would be able to set it up currently. I also need to get an ATO. It's annoying adding water every 4-5 days.
  9. gpd605x

    Rodi fs or ft

    I'm interested... Will you be at Fragniappe? I've been looking for a good used one. Any specs on it? Thanks.
  10. Yea this thing is crazy lol, I woke up this morning and it was all curled up and only the tips were hanging out but it slowly came back out and looks to be doing great. Would it look bleached because of it being new in the tank or would it be a light issue? I have to adjust my power heads anyway, they are slowly moving the sand bed and blowing it away. I've got them as high as I can on the tank and have them pointed towards the top of the tank so not sure how I can fix that.
  11. Well I came home from work and got a big sigh of relief... I'll tilt the rock back down. Here's some more pictures
  12. Well I decided to get one. Got a small one from Just Fish. Acclimated properly and set it in a crevice on a good size rock. Seems to be happy, its nice and "flowy". Noticed it starting to move which I figured it would do until it finds its happy place. It's been in the tank now for a full day or more and i woke up and went to go look at it and could not find it at all. So I immediately started looking under rocks and found it under a large rock. From what I've read, this could be perfectly normal or it could be bad. I've read to where some have done this before they split, some are doing it because they are new... So I'm just going to watch it and see how it goes. Hours after first added: About 24hrs after intro: Here is a small video of it: And here it is under the rock - I actually turned the rock up out of the sand
  13. Good god this is an awesome build! Looks amazing!
  14. A small update, I've got a diatom bloom going on so the sand is getting rusty which I assume is normal because of the new tank and added new water. I was looking at a Red BTA... but I want to make sure I am able to sustain it before I get it. The diatom bloom has me worried that it might not last. The rock and fish are over a year old so the bacteria and everything is there. What yall think?
  15. I have their Quad T-5 Bulb Fixture w/ Auto Timer for almost a year now and I love it. The only problem I really had was the timer. I set it and a year later I had to reset the clock, it was about an hour off but other than that, I love it. I'll be upgrading soon I hope to LED