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  1. I tried. They won't go through. Different number? .
  2. Nope. He never replied or confirmed .
  3. I do. However they have been spoken for by fjw aquariums. I can put you second inline. .
  4. I won't be out completely. I have another tank in the garage that will go up as soon as I sell this. I just refuse to give it away so I might be stuck with it. .
  5. 240 gallon tank, stand, canopy, and sump- $2000 2 x 105 gallon (6x2x14") w/ stands $150 each 5" purple tang $100 5" Blue Hippo $75 4" sail fin tang $50 2 lyretail anthias- $50 Huge brittle star- 15" diameter - $30 Showsize toadstool- $150 about 2ft diameter Powerheads, lights, skimmers, heaters, apex, water filtration, etc.. Just ask. Ready to get out of the hobby for a while. .
  6. Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend on that date. I'm sure I can come up with a donation for Scott and his family.
  7. Or I have 90 that would be perfect if you build the height into the stand. :)
  8. Tapatalk issue apparently.
  9. I still have several you are welcome to. :)