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  1. jrclancyjr

    Fish Tank for my little girls birthday

    Never got that PM but then again I might be looking in the wrong place.
  2. jrclancyjr

    Fish Tank for my little girls birthday

    Again that would be awesome
  3. jrclancyjr

    Fish Tank for my little girls birthday

    WOW really, that would be great!!! Allow me to spend alittle more money on other stuff for the tank!!!! I have to ask when you say drilled I am assuming you are talking about 2 holes on either side bottom side of the tank. And if my internet searching as proven fruitful those holes would be for a cansiter filter or for a sump pump if I had some sort of tank filter system going?????
  4. jrclancyjr

    Fish Tank for my little girls birthday

    Thanks for the help guys, she went with me to walmart today and there was an older kid getting some fish...she BEGGED for me to get her some and I kept saying you have to ask Santa for them...I almost broke down and bought her a tank right then.
  5. jrclancyjr

    Fish Tank for my little girls birthday

    Yeah I know, with some of the stuff y'all do this is like short bus tank talk. Baby steps right? Thats what I figured as far as price, I found a 75g for $20 which makes me think something might be wrong with the seals or the tank itself and then a 55g they were asking $300. What about pumps and filters, should I buy those new or is it ok to use used ones as long as they are working?
  6. jrclancyjr

    Fish Tank for my little girls birthday

    Freshwater I think is the way to go right now, but after looking at the site more, I could see myself really getting into the reef keeping. But this is for her and she is more about the fish so I think freshwater is what we are looking for.
  7. Hi first off let me say that y'alls site is amazing, I have been to Gregs house and seen his tanks and have heard him talk about his club, but I am truely blown away by the level of greatness that y'all take it too. I wasnt quite sure where to ask this so I hope its the right spot. I asked Greg for his advice on the subject matter and he suggested that I pose the question here as well. My little girl is turning 4 in Oct and she is absolutely in love with fish. Last year she was with me when I was buying some groceries at Walmart and we just happened to be over in the pet section buying dog food and she saw the fish tanks, I kid you not we stayed there for 25 min looking at 6 tanks, 2 of which were empty. And since that day when we go to walmart we HAVE to go see the fishies. So much so that when she helps her sister clean up her room and she gets to pick a prize all she wants is to go look at the fishies because I think she knows that one day I will break down and by her one. I have yet to bring her to an actual pet store for fear her head might explode. So a few weeks ago I was doing some furniture scavenging looking for a dresser for one of my other daughters and came across this dresser/cabinet that would be perfect for a fish tank stand and couldnt pass it up. So now my thinking is get her a fish tank for her birthday for 1 present and then for the big present take her to a pet store and let her have fun picking out fish. So I started looking on Craigslist for used fish tanks and the prices are either really cheap (which screams something may be wrong with the tank) or really expensive (which with 4 girls and a wife that cant work is out of the question)...but there did not seem to be any kind of middle ground, and I am no expert on anything fish related except for how to cook them, so I turned to Greg!!! So my question (which I know realize I probably should have just asked without all the back story) is what is a fair price to pay for a used fish tank?? I am looking for anything between 55g-75g and should I look for a used setup that includes a pump and filter or should I not buy those used? Thank you for any help and insight y'all can offer.