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  1. Bo's Nano...

    Hello everyone... Some of you may remember me but who knows who is still around. I am trying to get back into some reefing now that my daughter, Bo Ember Bradley is almost 3 and into the marine/animal world. So here is the deal : 28 gallon Nano Cube LED "PROFESSIONAL" (this lighting set-up they put on this thing is TERRIBLE!!!!) Custom Cherry stand for short people (this was made for my toddlers room and I am paralyzed and use a wheelchair) Aquamaxx HOB-1 Skimmer NEW LIGHTING consists of this which is pretty much a direct bolt in! Currently controlled by a Typhon but I am in love with the small driver to dc power supply Current Inhabitants : Pair of ORA Midnight Clowns Yellow Clown Goby Encrusting Gorgonian Blue Ridge I'm interested in some frags for my little girl, I really don't care what just some hardy stuff that can tolerate this tank! Can anyone help? I will pay for shipping. Buttons, GSPs, Shrooms... anything Text me! 985.273.1699 I can send a FedEx or UPS label and you can ship it to her overnight! Thanks a lot guys I hope Bo can become a member of a board like this someday! Sean Bradley Owner : Exotics by Nature Co.
  2. UPS

    I'll chime in for the brown as well! UPS blows Fed-Ex away for overnight packages. UPS has ONE centralized hub operation in Louisville, KY that is so advanced. They land a plane on average every 3 minutes. Fed-Ex hubs out of several different cities (Dallas, Memphis Etc.) I ship out live harmless reptiles overnight almost every day during the week. This amounts to hundreds of packages a year, some of which contain over $100,000.00 worth of livestock (yeah some of the reptiles we sell are over $10K each). I refuse to ship our stock through any carrier expect UPS. Actually Fed-Ex crushed a box early last year (March 2012) that contained about $75,000.00 worth of our stock headed for a trade show in Chicago. Thankfully nothing was injured but the 2 inch thick styro inner box was destroyed and I even enforced it with plastic supports on the inside (they were also broken) I'm really amazed the animals were unscathed! Brown does it for us here at EbN... F**K Fed-Ex
  3. Kirk, Yes all of that captive stuff so far is from TCN. I want to watch those and if growth and health seems good then I'll start gathering other stuff.
  4. Ok I'm going to post here to list the inhabitants so I can keep track of them for now... FISH: 2 - Blue (Hippo) Tangs 1 - Sohal Tang 1 - Blonde Naso Tang 1 - Fisher's Angel 1 - Harlequin Tusk 5 - Threadfin Cardinals 6 - Vanderbilt Chromis Corals (Wild): Acanthastrea lordhowensis (Green) Micromussa sp? Green Open Brain Red Open Brain Montipora sp? (Red w/Orange polyps) Acropora sp? (Brown w/Blue tips) Acropora cytherea (Pink table) Corals (captive grown frags): Acropora gomezi (Midnight Blue) Acropora tenuis (Green & Blue) Acropora tenuis (Royal Blue) Acropora turaki (Green) Acropora turaki (Blue) Acropora millepora (Pink) Acropora millepora (Green w/Blue) Acropora sp? (Lincoln Lilac) Acropora sp? (Deep Water Bottlebrush) Acropora sp? (Red Planet) Acropora sp? (Orange Halo Stag) Acropora sp? (Miami Orchid) Acropora sp? (Bonsai Garden) Montipora capricornis (Purple & Blue) Montipora capricornis (Starbright) Seriatopora hystrix (Ponape) Seriatopora hystrix (Pink & Green) Palythoa (Purple Death) Palythoa (Captain America) Palythoa (Tinkerbell) I hope everyone makes it It would be nice to see this tank grow some nice corals...
  5. My best SPS tank ever...

    Thanks!! It was definitely a Bonsai Reef for sure! I could tell you the tank was huge and most wouldn't be able to tell what size it was. It was the max that I could afford at the time and I sometimes look at that pic and wonder why I'm trying to work with a 300 gallon!! Thanks Towards the end it was definitely overcrowded. I learned which Acro's were stronger than the others when they would take each other over! LOL Thanks for the compliment I hope I can create ridiculousness again! Jackson, I know what you mean! I'm working with a sparsely decorated 300 gallon now and its killing me. Maybe I should project this image onto the wall! LOL Just be steady and diligent with your 20g! I love little tanks!
  6. My best SPS tank ever...

    Thanks!! It was such an addiction at the time! The calcium needs of it were INSANE!!! I eventually installed a Korallin Calcium Reactor to help with my bills on B-Ionic. This was when I earned $7.00/hour working at the LFS... Those were the days of strict budgets!
  7. My best SPS tank ever...

    Hello everyone, I might have posted pics on LARC of this tank years ago but recently I found a few more pics of it. This was my most successful tank I've ever run! 29 gallon (30"x12"x15") with a DSB/Plenum System NO SUMP 1 - 250W 6500K Iwasaki SE Metal Halide run by a Single PFO Ballast 4 - 24" 75w VHO Actinics run by an IceCap 660 NO CHILLER/ Lots of fans 1 - Coral Connection Version 1 Hang On Protein Skimmer 4 - random sized submersible powerheads 1 - Fluval 203 Canister Filter (No media just used for water circulation) Only doing 5 gallon water changes every week or so with unfiltered Mandeville well water Also dosing 2-part B-Ionic at about 4 times the max recommended dose. This was set-up in 1997 and ran until about mid 2000. Most of the corals grew from frags! I really would like to recreate this type of growth in my 300 gallon
  8. Jerrod's 250 deep dimension build.

    Speaking of Lanthanum Chloride reactors... I'm sure you've seen this... He is actually dripping the LC into a filter sock in his sump. Seems like a lot of maintenance since this guy is dosing for a few days and changes the sock every 6 hours. Worth a look because from what he describes, the precipitate is abundant and clogs everything quickly.
  9. Plywood tanks are actually one of the oldest forms of custom large tanks. I first read about them in "The Marine Aquarium Handbook" & "The Marine Aquarium Reference Guide" by Martin Moe. I'm proud to say that they still adorn my bookshelf to this very day and taught me so much about the systems of the past and how to learn from simplicity. Before I was injured I was planning to build a very very large concrete tank which would have been a very new and different experience than working with wood. Maybe some day with the help of some dedicated friends I can realize my idea. My interest in marine fish got me my first job in a pet shop when I was 14 then I found the reptile section to be very interesting and that has grown into my life's work. Please let me know when you are ready for that Piebald. They are much cheaper now and will continue to hold their current value. 110... The Sohal and Naso are very small... actually like 4" at most. I will be keeping a close eye on the Sohal though. I would have loved to buy these fish at 6-8" size but I wouldn't trust such a large Sohal. Thanks for the info though Jarhead... My first reef aquarium was a "Berlin" style set-up in a 20H gallon tank that I had a budget of $300.00 to complete with live rock and everything. It had standard fluorescent lamps, a Skilter filter and a couple of powerheads. I think after a few months of frustration and buckets of hair algae I found that my budget was shot when I needed better equipment. Since then my aquarium hobby has been like most peoples boat ownership... just a black hole in the water that I pour money into. In 2005 I had a banner year with my reptile business and I decided to build my "dream tank" It has since been moved and changed and set-up multiple times and I just haven't stopped until I'm satisfied. I really hope this time is THE TIME! Well I hope you feel better as well! I've gone through some serious trials lately and its always nice to hear from old friends!
  10. I'm not really taking it slow with this stuff because the tank has been running with rock for 3 years lol These Tangs have done great and before my fall last summer I added a nice group. They met their deaths when the chiller went out a few days after my fall and I was laying in the hospital bed getting calls about the fish dying 1600 watts of Metal Halide in LumenArcs about 6 inches off the water in the summer time definitely did the trick. New lights. New Chiller. New Dedication I ordered a smallish Naso and Sohal because I hear the larger Sohals are meanies?
  11. Some use VODKA?!? Other's have been know to dose actual PISS to their tanks?!? I don't see why a little salty tea-bagging would hurt anything? Eww As for Kirk's acrylic idea... its a great idea but I have 4 CL bulkheads in the back of the tank and some rock already stacked up. I guess I'm just gonna have to wait until the blue is coraline coated again. Tank update... I have a few corals and some fish coming in today :lol: A Blonde Naso Tang, Sohal Tang, Harlequin Tuskfish, 15 Threadfin Cardinals and 6 Vanderbilt Chromis!! Corals... Not so sure what I got? A few Aussie Acros, a couple of Trachy brains and maybe a Lord and Miccromussa. Hope everything settles in ok. The tank currently has 2 Blue Tangs and a troop of snails and crabs.
  12. Benjy, Thanks for the compliment! At times I wish my tank was painted black. I guess some day I'll refinish it or just have some friends help me build a larger one! If you ever want a big tank for low dollars then the plywood method is the way to go. If you've ever been to Coral Connection, George's big display is plywood. I remember being amazed by its construction back when I was in highschool. I'm not that old but if memory serves me correctly he built that tank in 1996-1997 and it has been there ever since. When done correctly, plywood and other alternative tanks like cement or concrete block will last much longer than a glass or acrylic one. One day maybe I'll make a bigger one for now I want to fill this one up again
  13. Also... Sorry about the crappy all blue looking pic! That was just how the iPhone saw it
  14. Well Joe, I'm really interested in an SPS/mixed reef so I'm concerned about coverage for the right stuff. Bobby mentioned swinging by with the PAR meter but I know LEDs throw a loop for a PAR meter. Despite the questionable coverage I think these lights are INSANE! The colors that come off of them is intense and variable. The cloud cover/lightning is definitely in the PIMP arena and I think they are a great addition for my tank's overall function so I will definitely add more if needed. Also... I have them oriented perpendicular to the front glass but according to AI that doesn't matter much since the output is nearly circular.
  15. Stoned's 210 Upgrade

    Hi Joe, Looks great man! I'm sorry you lost so much... I remember you getting that 120 back in the day. I hope one day soon our bigger tanks can become great again. I was just telling Bobby today that this is in my blood. I haven't had a day without a glass box with water in it (inhabitants or not) since I was 13! I hope to see it prosper and maybe we can trade some stock sometime....