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  1. You too brotha, miss the community and have been thinking about building a little 100 g cube for the house. Hope to see you all again soon!
  2. I know that i made many frags of my zoas in the past for people. Just curious if anyone still had some and would be willing to sell them to me. LF Eagle Eyes Fruit Loops Darth Maul Hornets Really any vivid colored zoa. Just trying to get rid of some Paly's i have in my tank and replace em with some zoas so i dont have to worry so much about territory. All the Palys in the pic gotta go so if you want em let me know
  3. hey everyone, just putting it out there that I am looking for some nice colored zoas. Looking to buy: -Tubs blue zoas -blue hornet -green hornet -yellow hornet -fruit loop -sunny d - rasta zoa -eagle eyes let me know what ya got and price.
  4. what are the dimensions of the tank?
  5. Been a long time since i posted, and i can say that im happy to say that i didnt convert to a fresh water shrimp tank. I began collecting Zoas about a month ago and it is getting me back into the hobby! Hopefully you will see my new build that will be a softie dominated tank. I have been out for way too long.
  6. Hey everyone, been really busy with work. Still havent gone to the darkside. I tried to run a shrimp tank but decided it was too much work to have both at work. This is what i am looking at now, thinking about getting rid of the pigmy and gettting a platnum with a rose. Hope everyone is doing well!
  7. You just have to click on the "joining the ranks of the itty bitty fishy committee...." and it will bring you to the build thread. The tank is in New Orleans
  8. I am selling my CAD lights desk aquarium. looking to sell for $200 but the price is negotiable. Also, you will get everything. Here is a lync to the build and its current status
  9. It is wonderful, the entire office gets to do the upkeep on it It is just about maintenance free just add top off water from the Kenwood tap on a weekly basis and I do a waterchange about once every 1.5 months. But I am going to set up a new tank that will house freshwater shrimp.... I know i am a traitor. lol
  10. lol yeah, just really busy with work. How have you been doing?
  11. Hello everyone, long time no talk. I have an update to the tank and looking to move it. All the tank details can be found in earlier messages and you will be able to find the modifications that have been done. However the tank is now for sale. I am looking for $200 even for everything, livestock and system. Lightened the load of the original heatsink so that it stands on its own.
  12. Setup is sold, thanks for the interest. I will be back with a smaller easier tank.
  13. Could someone please attach my build thread so that people can see pictures of the setup? I am having problems doing so.
  14. Hey everyone, I have experienced a full tank crash, I put half the recommended dosage of coral colors and the entire system died. So I am selling my entire system that I just finished building. Price will be $2500, non negotiable! And I cannot say that I will help with the move. What you will get if you buy the system 220 marine land tank with black silicone 60x20x22 custom sump RO DC 5500 return RO DC 3500 for reactors RO 3000sss Skimmer RO Skimmer stand RO 800w Titanium heater with Digital Controller RO KS 100 (I think, its a kalwasser reactor) RO BioChurn 170R (this is an extra freebee, retails over $500) RO BR 140 RO WC-140 with auto shut off and delay timer Red Metal stand all open All Red PVC quick detach plumbing Tunze 7096 controller Tunze 6095 X2 Tunze 6100 x2 Tunze Osmulator 3155 Radion G2 x3 with both wide angle lense and the stock ones Kessil 150 deep blue w/ gooseneck for frag area in sump Kessil 150 magenta w/ gooseneck for macro algae area in sump Marine magic dosing pump This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have about 4 more reactors, pounds of alk and calcium, pumps, salt, probably another $500 in chemicals and miscellaneous stuff. Whoever gets this tank will end up with enough to support and sustain the system for at least a year. Give me a call if you are interested, five-o-four 7twentytwo 9 thousand six hundred twenty-four. Please only call if you are willing to buy the system for $2500 as I just spent 11k building this tank and anything lower would be an insult.
  15. I can, but will take no responsibility.
  16. Kirk you have one that is in your tank that is very close to this one. it is a pale blue base with green coralites blue tips and purple new growth.
  17. I have about 15 colonies of sps that I am selling only because I don't have time to keep up with there demand and do not want them to suffer. My loss is your gain. I have a large range of different colonies, all will be very reasonably priced. the ones that I can recall off the top of my head are: blue tort green slimer digitatas JC uber stag red planet tricolor pavonia garb bonsai they are all instant colonies, only they need a little love as some have browned a bit since I have stopped 2 part dosing. All colonies will go for 100-300 and in some cases where I have new frags they will go for 20 bucks each. I am remodeling my home ATM so you will have to forgive my houses disarray, but all colonies are in the tank and they are first come first serve.
  18. If anyone is looking for some media tumblers I have 3 large and one shorty. The large will go for 65 and shorty will go for 45. I also have a ro190 or something like that. It is the bio churn bio pellet reactor with a brand new pump. That will move for 300. And I have a bunch more. I will post pictures and all prices with propper names later.
  19. Thanks everyone, at the very least I am going to thun out the son n do some leathers instead
  20. The tank is still running, Still haven't lost anything from the transfer. Here it is today, I am still willing to sell for the right price.