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  1. Could you get some better pics of his scars?
  2. i had the older one and that thing moved a hell of a lot of water for 1.5 years before it died
  3. What are the dimensions? And how is the glass any bad scratches?
  4. I went their yesterday and they where about to close when I got their but I stayed for about 30 minutes talking with the owner and he was veary proud of his fish and he had a good selection of sw fish and they all looked healthy. He doesn't have a coral tank yet but he was planning to add one and the selection of dry goods was good. He also will do a 2day guarantee on sw fish with a water sample. The prices were good for a store and I recommend every one checks them out as they are a lfs and not a pet shop
  5. That must be how I got parts in a day before lol I was like htf
  6. tunatime

    Local Par Meter

    Did you ever find some to rent you one? I could ues one In the slidell area and I hate to buy something I will ues 1 time
  7. what frags do you have?
  8. im putting together a mixing station under my raised house and i need a pump that can do over 15f head. i had a Pan World 40PX laying around but its to week to get more then a few gph to my sump. any one have a pump laying around for sale?
  9. it better feed my fish, do WCs, provide light for my coral and self clone my coral....and get the wife to like reef tanks
  10. tunatime

    Jebao(2) or Gyre

    gyre i put one on my 120 and it moves a crap ton of water and my sps love it and my sand is very clean every place i look now. and my bta likes the flow to. the new mount fixed the noise issue i was having whit mine . whats cool about it is my tank has next to no dead spots in it and when i feed food never sits even behind rocks where whit my old jebao 40s no matter what i did i had dead spots or woudl blast corals or my bta