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  1. DSA 225 and Custom Stand $1500!!!!

    Bump for a price drop!!!!!!!
  2. DSA 225 and Custom Stand $1500!!!!

    I'd entertain partial trade offers. Firearms, RC vehicles, who knows.
  3. DSA 225 and Custom Stand $1500!!!!

    Wish one of you suckers would buy it.
  4. DSA 225 and Custom Stand $1500!!!!

    Bump. Just got home and would sure like to see this gone. Any legitimate offers???
  5. WTB GFO and carbon reactor

    I've got a BRS reactor almost new condition, and a Nextreef MR1, and Shorty. In MS.
  6. DSA 225 and Custom Stand $1500!!!!

    Bump let's get some interest in this bad boy.
  7. Apex system and accessories.

    Want to keep it together sorry.
  8. Apex system and accessories.

    Bump for updates post. Last day home before work. Get it now.
  9. DSA 225 and Custom Stand $1500!!!!

    Bump for new price
  10. Apex system and accessories.

    I know I'm a little far out for most of you. How about if I throw in free shipping.
  11. Apex system and accessories.

    Have an Apex Classic which includes temp probe, new in box BRS PH probe (old one included also along with calibration solutions), EB8, and display. $400 I'm including a Netgear internet adapter so you can hook it up through wifi also. (Display still has plastic on it, and all electronics were in adjacent closet so no salt creep) Extra EB8. Sold WXM module. $75 Buy Apex, WXM, and internet adapter for $450 Feeder and Probe holder are sold.
  12. Ecotech. Radions and MP60s

    All sold please close
  13. Alpha 250 + Neck cleaner

    Sold please close
  14. Alpha 250 + Neck cleaner

    Headed to Kenner tomorrow. And I'm always around Covington if you wanted to meet around Hammond.
  15. Ecotech. Radions and MP60s

    Almost everyone I talk to isn't interested in the whole package.