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  1. Arkaeus

    new tunze care mag nano

    In box never opened, Tunze care magnet nano. Accidentally ordered two =/ asking 20$ cash. cell 3372887783
  2. Arkaeus

    Arks 120 rimless coral FS

    All gone, please close =) Tapatalk
  3. Arkaeus

    120rimless PA ext overflow

    Tank is pending, down payment received. Tapatalk
  4. Arkaeus

    120rimless PA ext overflow

    Need to text if interested, Im not checking the forum as much guys. I do have one person interested atm... until a down payment is done its for sale.
  5. Arkaeus

    two mp40s wireless.

    Sold please close Tapatalk
  6. Arkaeus

    2 Radion G1 FS

    SOLD, please close
  7. Arkaeus

    Vertex Omega 130

    SOLD, please close
  8. Arkaeus

    Vertex Omega 130

  9. Arkaeus

    Vertex Omega 130

    The skimmer I was using on my 120 was the Vertex Omega 130. Perfect condition besides two 3/16 holes I drilled in the very bottom. Used it around one year. Ill get pics, asking 160$ if interested text or call 3372887783
  10. Arkaeus

    two mp40s wireless.

    I have dual mp40's wireless dated around 2010. Can text more pics. Asking $180ea OBO. The wet sides have been rebuilt. I had them running from my apex on a wave. They were at 80% for 3 hours a day then ramped down to 30% on my 120. I let them run on detritus mode once a week for an hour and a half at 100%. Cell 3372887783
  11. Arkaeus

    Flame Angel Lafayette who I talked too?

    He's gone, please close. Tapatalk
  12. Dont know where else to post this or how to get in touch with this person. I tried going through all the texts recently but still cant find you lol. You wanted to get the flame angel from me, I have him on me at work today. He does NOT nip coral. please contact me asap or to the LFS he goes. 3372887783
  13. Arkaeus

    2 Radion G1 FS

    forgot to mention both radions have the wide angle lenses installed.
  14. Arkaeus

    120rimless PA ext overflow

    Tank still FS @ 800$