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  1. Scaper

    Orphek LEDs

    You can sell both J., I set it up where you have the full dist. The Spot lights come with all 3 color diodes as well. Bobby, the diodes are made in Israel for Orphek and are matched to the power supply according to the elect. current rating (not wattage) to maintain color rigidity. I'm not an electrification expert so- I wouldn't know the diff. Kirk- Speaking with the Owner of Orphek- the drive behind Orphek LED lights is to eliminate the section of the color spectrum that is not utilized in coral photosynthesis. These Light fixtures can be made to order with the light configuration of your choosing. Some people are not convinced that Orphek has been able to remove the color spectrum that is unneeded, yet having seen these Lights in action I like them personally, and they are indeed doing something different, because it takes less actinic diodes than in other fixtures to bring about the end result in Kelvin temp. For example if an average LED fixture uses 2W:3B to result in a 14k spectrum/ Orphek may be able to accomplish the same spectrum by using a ratio of 3W:2B... These lights are very good quality and can be made dimmable- The programming module that come with the fixture is sleek and well put together, But it will not dim the fixture, as the owner of Orphek, does not wish to get into the legal battle that is still plaguing the LED Manufacturers world.
  2. A Huge Apology to All the Parade of Tanks, I Know that each of you understand why I had to cancel at the last moment, yet I wanted to let you all know that I'm glad I did... It would've been a great time I'm sure, but the Family reunion I was at was one of the Best I've Ever been at. Thanks for understanding, Brother to Brothers, D.
  3. If anyone has any corals or frags of something they don't like, or have to much..... please bring some with you on the Parade tour- I have a 300g to fill- and LOTs of Extra drygoods to trade/sell/whatever. I really don't care what it is, or what color,... I also have a few corals I could frag if you would like to trade frags. Thanks and See You soon
  4. I will be speaking on the 1st day of the conference, and will be judging the 'scaping contest the 2nd day. Here's a Link: The event is still a few month's away so they will be updating the site as events unfold. During our conversations this morning (messaging) I invited Calfo to speak as well, so Everyone say a prayer for me. Please. Love to see you guys there!
  5. I have dabbled a bit in displays... I have a few (out of the box) ideas using lights/acrylic/and water....
  6. Do I get a chance to help 'scape?
  7. True, True Tony, But I have a pair of ORA Stubbies- I've had for about 4 years, and they are pretty cool. reg. nemo's but short, squaty, and Phat!!!
  8. ... cts_id=180 New Cadlights 24" LED with remote control full dimming and color control for whites and blues separately :happy-partydance:
  9. Scaper

    Sell or set-up?

    G. I told Amy if I had enough declorinator, I'd put it in there and then put a single damsel in there for a photo Op. :animals-fishgreen: (nothing like a little fw dip)
  10. Would you build my stand next :confusion-shrug: You did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! If the ambient room temp was 80 and the water temp 81, then I'm wondering if the 117 under inside the canopy is a big issue? Most homes with reef tanks, i would say "fair guess" run a year round average ambient temp of below 80, and even at 81 water temp- if the temp is a constant 81 should have little if any adverse affect. don't you think?
  11. Scaper

    Sell or set-up?

    That indeed is the fish commonly known as the "scaperfish"- If you ever find one in your tank Get it Out- I can't seem to rid my tanks of 'em... Lance had one in his tank, but he got rid of it. Sharks are for reef tanks Guys LOL- now an O. vulgris "Giant red Octopus" now that's an Idea.... I do need to have a meeting here at the house. but I'll need awhile to bulldoze this place clean first. ; ) Terrance- it is an even 1k gallons. Todd you are GOOD my brother, I can't even see Amy in the pictures. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. willing to trade for a Great Dane puppy?
  13. Scaper

    Sell or set-up?

    I am contemplating a top 1/4 mangrove garden next 1/4 reef overhang bottom 2/4- shark, eels, rays, or maybe a nautilus or two
  14. Scaper

    Sell or set-up?

    to sell or not to sell??????????????? Vote Here :confusion-shrug: Ps that is the stand next to it, it has been blasted and coated.
  15. Todd, to replace T-5s with led T-5 tubes- all you have to do is bypass the T-5 ballast and attach the hot and ground wires from your home plug into the LED driver.