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  1. Tony

    Livestock for sale

    Greg, CB may be spoken for. All fish and coral are pending.
  2. Tony

    Livestock for sale

    All my fish eat Spectrum 1 mm pellets.
  3. Nice. It was between those and the Miley Cyrus ones. They were half off.
  4. Tony

    Livestock for sale

    More than 100 pounds of live rock. Really good stuff been in my tank for many many years. Lots of sponge and other stuff no rubble all nice showpieces. $150 for all Reef-flake live sand. Hundreds of pounds enough for 3 inches thick on 135 gallon tank $50 for all of it
  5. Tony

    Livestock for sale

    Copper band $30 have been having for over five years very healthy definitely eats pests! Coral beauty $10 Pair of perculas that have spawned several times. $40 Hippo tang med $30 Anthias $20 Green toadstool $30 5-6" across
  6. Tony

    Livestock for sale

    New life Spectrum pellets 1 mm. Thera A That is all Pictures are up.
  7. I have not bought anything in the last three years so everything I'm selling is at least three years old most of all the fish are over five years in my tank very fat and healthy no worries I promise. Powder Blue $50 Harlequin tusk $50 Blue/Queen Angel Hybrid med/lrg $100 Reef safe (2) Hot Pink Rose anemones med (5"-6") $60 each I will add pictures when I get home.
  8. A lot easier to start from scratch once we are moved. With new equipment and livestock. In my experience, I would lose a lot of things trying to move. I don't have a lot of livestock to begin with on the coral side but I can always get frags again.
  9. Rob, you are more than welcome to it. A lot of guys on this site saw it operating on my tank for a few years. It was a very good fixture for me. I bought some LED fixtures that I am using now. It has been a great fixture for me and is well worth the $75. It uses 60 inch bulbs that are staggered throughout the fixture to cover 72 inches. It also has moonlights. But the little dimmer box cracked when I was moving the fixture. Let me know if you want it. And we can make arrangements to meet or get someone around here who may be heading that way during the holidays.
  10. Tunze 9410 doc master skimmer. Has a crack on the body that has been sealed with acrylic. 100% functional but just wanted to disclose this. Is does not affect functionality at all. $100 Retrofit advance ballast T5HO 10 bulb unit. 72" has two burnt ends so only 8 bulbs work. 80 watts per bulb. Produces 640 watts as is. No bulbs included. $75 50 gallon tall with canopy and stand 6 bulb t5ho unit, live sand, no filter. $250 I will add pictures.
  11. Yes lots of changes Greg. We're not sure if we are building or buying but we do know it will happen in the first or second quarter of next year. But we are getting there. Hope you guys are doing fantastic, and Max doing well. I will definitely be more active when I get my tank back going after the move. Will need to locate a lot of frags of some of my old colonies that are floating out there somewhere.
  12. Hope all is well. My tank has been on cruise control for a while now but I am now ready to take it down for a while. We are planning to move into a new home early next year, and I will restart there. Anyway! I don't have a lot of livestock left but I wanted to offer here for anyone who may be interested. I will listed in the proper area. Thanks again for everything.
  13. Tony

    Corals for Sale

    Ronnie. Pmed you.
  14. Lots of cleanup. I removed 150lbs of rock, and opened up the scape a bit.