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  1. I have one person interested in taking it, I’ll let everyone know if it’s still available next week if it isn’t picked up. Thanks
  2. Sorry just saw your post. Price is $400
  3. Still for sale bump with price drop
  4. Yes it is still available. Let me know if you need any info. Thanks
  5. Bump.. still available!!!! Need gone like yesterday..lol Thanks.
  6. I know right!!! No problem, I just hate that it's still sitting in my garage and I see it every day without water in it. Lol
  7. Tank is still here. Nobody has come to claim it. It's just collecting dust, and would like to see it go to a good home!!!
  8. No it doesn't. I have the stand, it's a actual piece of furniture. I wasn't going to sell it, but if the price is right!!!
  9. Tank has a ehiem return pump, heater, and filter socks. Location is Lafayette
  10. Trying this sale again. Interested parties never showed up. 89g rimless AIO planet aquarium tank. Tank was used less than a year, and in perfect condition minus needing to be cleaned. Comes with extra filter socks and return pump. Asking $400 all pics are in this build thread