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  1. TTT. if something is priced too high or unfairly, please let me know/ make an offer. thanks!
  2. hi daniel. yes you can paypal me at if youd like me to hold them, no problem. The eheims are all return pumps. love em!
  3. Uptown New Orleans. Oak and Carrollton area
  4. Long time hobbyist with equipment and supplies for sale. Everything here total for $4,100 after reduced prices. Pool together with a friend and buy it ALL for $2800. After a big ticket item is gone, this line (deal) will be removed. Thanks everyone. Vortech mp60 W - $550 Vortech mp40 W - $225 Vortech battery backup- $75 Apex Neptune controller with leak detection module, 2 EB8s (3 bad outlets total I think, may all work), top off float siwtch, etc. Older style as it looks like they came out with a new one, but works perfectly fine. $500 for all. tunze auto top off unit- $120 new 80w smart uv sterilizer- $450 avast marine kalk stirrer K@- $130 Royal Exclusiv Vertex aplha 200 Protein Skimmer with red dragon pump with avast marine self c leaning head Swabbie -$700 6 stage RO DI unit- will include extra 2 BRS deioniizing resin, 8 extra filters, spare plumbing parts etc- $125 in line dual tds meter- $25 2x foscam ip cameras $15 each ( 1 left) 2x aerator bubblers- $10 for both AI vega LED (white)- $125 2x AI SOL Blue LED w/ wireless dongles- $125 ech Reef Crystals Salt- 5 bags- $ALL SOLD mag float blue one- $5 Formally live rock- probably 150+ lbs or so of some really nice stuff. big and small. $1 lb- must buy all though. Don't want it cherry picked. Formally live sand- medium arogonite? can't recall but was the best. 4x 5gal pails full. - $20 each 2x brand new Eheim 3400 (1262) pumps- $130 each Eheim 2400 (1260) pumps- $100 Aqua Medic large fish trap- $50- sybon refractometer- $30 19" rack mount AC switch- $10 2x maxijet 900- $10 each maxijet 1200- $15 kent powerhead $5 seaside aquatics coral viewer- $15 2x titanium aquarium heater tubes- (think 1000w)- $20 each eheim 250 watt heater- $15 marine land penguin 350- $15 novus cleaner kit with extra cloths- $5 tiger shark float magnet- $45 sure grip magnet mount $10 3x eheim fish feeder- $10 Bulk reef supply screen netting $5 aiptasia x- $5 blue vet aiptasia control- $5 blue vet red cyano - $5 3x watch dog water sensors- $5 each kent nitrogen sponge- 3.3 lb jar $5 random big jars of fish food- $5 Free stuff grab bag if you buy $100 plus of stuff.. test kits heater nets metal halide ballast fish feeder tubes hang on back filter scrubbers filter socks hygrometer large fake corals
  5. Stand is FINALLY here!!! and 1 week ahead of schedule too. Can't say enough about John at FBN Woodworks. Great guy, listens, keeps in touch, send you pics and updates, works quick and professional. Here is the delivery and installation crew... Installed... Really accomplished my main goal, lots and lots of access too!!! All sides top and bottom.
  6. Yes those back pieces are just for temp support. The stand was actually delivered and installed just an hour or so ago. FINALLY! Pics coming soon.
  7. So as unusual as this is, I have another update already thanks to John's speedy and fantastic work... Crazy right. No updates for 6 months and then you find a reliable person that does what he says hes gonna do and two updates in one week. Side caps for stand, some sanding, and staining coming up shortly. Thanks for looking!
  8. ME TOO! thanks Running the regulator. Like most all users, absolutely zero issues. Pricey upfront but you know how that usually goes. (I must say that I have not tried any other brand before though either) Oh he WAS great! One of my favorite,. Very model citizen but something got the best of him. Fin rot maybe? Took him out and QTd for over 6 weeks. He kept hanging on, but eventually lost him.
  9. Its been a long time BRK... so FINALLY time for an UPDATE!!! so excited to be posting these words. Well after another 7 months of ANOTHER contractor wasting my time (I must just have the worst luck, who knows), I finally have something to report. My stand skin is finally underway! May not seem like much, but to me and especially the lady friend, it finally is marking a bit of progress to finishing this build up. My tank has been sitting on a steel frame for quite a while unskinned. Much to the dismay of my girlfriend. Any hoot, the stand will be skinned by John Ferris with FBN Woodworks. Nothing but great things to say so far. The stand will be a modern look, very similar to some things you have seen already. Clean lines and modern ish looking. It will be Red Oak hardwood framed. I really fell in love with the grain and look of the Red Oak while shopping around, as I was literally 1 day away from doing this myself before FBN joined the boards. So here are some progress pics. It will be stained a dark/ espresso/ redish color and satin clear coat finished when its all finished up. You will notice that I have abandoned the suspended canopy idea. As it turns out, I need my lights a lot lower to the tank than originally planned for optimal growth with all these colored sticks. The canopy would have been a monstrosity reaching all the way to the ceiling so I opted for a traditional top but will still make a movable light rack on ball bearing drawer slides to get access when needed (might need your help John). As far as livestock and equipment goes, no major changes. Added a bunch of wrasses (new addiction) and a few new sps. As always, thanks for following along. Hopefully it wont be another 8 months before I am back with another update.
  10. Thank Will. The blue star leopard, leopard, and red velvet fairy are all in QT right now and doing well. Still trying to get the Blue star to eat at this point. Wish me luck.
  11. yea its not technically rimless because it has the eurobracing, but I will be leaving it open top to give that rimless feel and style. I actually am glad I have the eurobrace. as much as I am in the water, I would be splashing water over the dges all the time if it was truly rimless. hopefully with everything in check lately, growth in 6 months time should provide a big improvement. thanks, no issues with the vortech on acrylic. have you heard of some before? I had not heard that one yet. thanks you guys... always planning huh? me too actually. Its a disease. Probably will add another 40 or 60 when needed after I get some growth. believe it or not, the one 40 and 60 I have now can move some water in this tank. Thanks Lars. wanted to stick to some of the harder to find sps pieces. work in progress I suppose. you know, the ones that cost way too much and die overnight for no reason. haha, the fun ones.
  12. Here is a long overdue update. Picked up a new Avast K2 Kalk reactor to help balance the ph after finally hooking up my GEO calcium reactor. This is the first time in over 2 years my water chemistry has been "in line" with proper levels. I also painted my Avast grey Swabbie white to match the rest of the equipment. Came out pretty good I think actually. I also mentioned that I have been spending a bit of time adding some frags and more livestock to my collection. Figured it be appropriate to update my stocking list as of late. So here goes... Purple Slimer Neon Green Slimer Deep Blue Tort Oregon Tort Hot Pink Acro ORA Red Planet ORA Borealis ORA Ice Tort ORA Marshall Islands Blue Bottlebrush ORA Hyancinth Birdsnest Neon Green Birdsnest Aussie Strawberry Shortcake CITR Red Dragon GARF Purple Bonsai Purple Pocillopora Green Pocillopora Blue Tipped Green Table Tyree Pink and Blue Prostrata Tyree Setosa Sunrise Milli Metallic Blue Milli Rainbow Milli Green Mint Milli Insane Milli Turquoise Milli Purple/Green Millie Bali Tri Color Tri Color Valida JO’s Tri Color Highlighter Acro Green Austera Red Montipora Green Montipora Purple Montipora Purple Rimmed Green Montipora Chocolate Chip Monitpora Purple Plasma Green Turaki Hawkin’s Enchinata Purple Digitata Red Digitata Green Birds of Paradise Unknown Red and Blue Acro Unknown Frogskin Acros Lime in the Sky Purple Stag Purple Monster Couple Clams Couple Hammer Corals Red Cynarina Couple Acans Pogada Cup Orange Plate Coral Couple Brains Torch Coral Trumpet Coral Tyree War Coral Green/ Purple Yumas Couple Ricordias Red/ Green Blastos Neon Green Favites Devils Finger Leather Unknown Green Chalice Mystery Plate Desjardini Sailfin Tang Blue Hippo Tang Purple Tangs x 2 Powder Brown Tang Yellow Foxface Bluethroat Trigger (m) Flame Angel Bangai Cardinals x 2 Black and White Clowns x 2 Percula Clown African Midas Blenny Clown Goby Longnose Hawkfish Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse McCosker’s Flasher Wrasse Leopard Wrasse (f) Blue Star Leopard Wrasse (f) Sixline Wrasse (until I can catch her) Green Mandarin Target Goby Pink Spotted Watchmen Goby Coral Banded Shrimp x 2 Cleaner Shrimp x 2
  13. Apologies for not having updated this thread in a while. I have been going absolutely bonkers stocking this thing up with livestock and some nicer sps frags. Ill have an update with lots of pics coming soon.