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  1. We had a winner! Next giveaway is coming soon! .
  2. We are launching our Sales & Auction Group on Facebook and would love for you to join in on the fun! In Celebration of our FB Launch we will be doing tons of giveaways over the next couple weeks! First Giveaway starts Tonight! (Hint: It has something to do with Zoas!) Please join us at: .
  3. Great meet and frag swap!!! Thanks George for hosting and brk staff for organizing. It was fun! .
  4. Great Job to all who worked hard and put together MACNA. My wife and I were only able to swing by for a few hours Friday and Saturday, but we had a blast and scored some nice corals.
  5. I had a few people ask me about a group buy for inverts and ricordea. We already have enough to make an order. Just seeing if anyone wants to join in. Below is a price list for the inverts. This is not a complete list, so if you are looking for something else I can get you a price. Shipping will be split between all parties (generally $3 - $5 per person). We have done this many times in the past and it worked out very well. Ricordea ( will be an equal split of 1/3 orange, 1/3 blue, and 1/3 green) No cherry picking. I will split them evenly among all involved. $15 each no matter how many we get total $13 each if we get 90+ Snails Astrea Snails .60 cents each Cerith Snails 0.70 cents each Nassarius 0.60 cents each Nerite 0.60 cents each Mexican Turbo 1.75 each Margarita Snails 0.80 cents each Crabs Blue Leg Hermits .60 cents each Green Emerald Crabs 4.00 each Sally Light Foot crabs 6.00 each Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp 3.00 each Pacific Cleaner Shrimp 16.00 each Coral Banded Shrimp 6.00 each Gold Banded Shrimp 12.00 each Gold Banded Mated Pair 28.00 Yellow Scissor tail Shrimp 20.00 each Starfish Bali Blue Linckia 15.00 each Assorted Brittle Stars 3.00 each Assorted Serpent Stars 4.00 each Sand sifting Stars 6.00 each Urchins Red Tuxedo 15.00 each Pin Cushion 5.00 each Blue and Red Fire Urchin 18.00 Pencil Urchin 5.00 each Other Lettuce Nudibranch 5.00 each Bali Sea Hare 12.00 each Electric Flame Scallop 9.00 each Mangrove Shoots 3.00 Each Dragons Breath 20.00 for a clump Caribbean Feather Dusters 5.00 Gorgonians / sponges Yellow Finger 15.00 each Red Finger 15.00 each Orange Tree Sponge 15.00 each Red Tree Sponge 16.00 each Red Sea Fan 18.00 each This will end on Sept 11th. Everything must be paid by the Sept 13th for delivery on Friday September 15th. Pickup in Metairie. If we get enough of an order from Baton rouge I will make the drive and everyone can pick up from me at a central location. Let me know if anyone has questions
  6. Hey guys. Just got some new coral in. Take a look and message us with any questions. Hyper Red mushrooms. (2 available) $25 each. These are super bright red. Picture doesn't do it justice Orange Inferno Chalice $30 Jason Fox Jack O Lantern Lepto $50 Orange Crush Echinata (2 available ) $45 each Red Soul Micro Favia (2 available) $35 each Kryptonite Favia $25 Green fungia with green tentacles $35 Green helmet fungia $25 Super bright green hammer. $35 each Purple hammer ( light gold tentacles with purple head) $25 Green hammer. $25 Rainbow acans $60 each. Both have 3 full heads and multiple baby heads Lobophylia $25 per head ( 6 available) All acan lord, acan echinata, blastomussa, Favia, goniopora, and micromussa frags below $25 each (have more than just these pictures). All zoas $15-$20 per frag Goniopora show piece ( super bright green) $75. 2 frags of LA Lakers zoas 6p each $20 per frag Frag of sunny d's 2p $15 Pm, Text or call if you are interested in any of these. 504-723-6598 Let us know if you are looking for something particular and I will try to find it for you.
  7. Rock nems will be here Friday morning. I will be sure to post pics. I will also be posting pictures either tonight or tomorrow of other corals I have in stock.
  8. Thanks Greg. Just wanted to introduce myself for the people who don't know me. My name is Corey. I have had quite a few tanks over the years (as large as 180 gal and as small as 5 gal). Recently, my wife and I decided to have a little more fun with the hobby and open up a business selling coral. Our goal is to provide amazing corals at amazing prices and support BRK in any way that we can. If there is anything that you are looking for, please let us know and we will do our best to try find it for you. We currently have some awesome corals in stock and more will be arriving soon. I will try to get some pictures of some of our stock up. I also have ultra rock flower anemones coming in this week. The price will be $35 each. We also have everything from zoa frags starting at $15 to high end corals and frags (acans, favias, leptos, chalices, lobos, fungia, etc). Stay tuned for some pics. We look forward to meeting more members.
  9. I finally got to watch it. Chasing coral was really good .