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  1. A red banded goby. Probably my favorite dish in the entire hobby. They stay really small. My husband said it looked like a toenail clipping when we first got it >.>
  2. They're ball anemones. Pretty harmless and they usually live in caves or crevices. If you shine a blue light at them they glow green. In regular light they look mainly clear with white spots.
  3. Thanks! It's my bookshelf tank. Was right next to my 40 gallon but we took the whole thing down today. Former home is where the chair is. It gives my dining room a lot more room.
  4. I'm not sure. We never tried and I'd hate to say yes and it turn out not. I think I've seen them drilled before though. Here's a photo of one drilled. If you want to come take a look at it next weekend after it's fully cleaned let me know.
  5. I've always wanted to do the 2 week cruise from Hawaii to South Pacific. Obviously a bucket list place because it's an expensive cruise and you have to fly to Hawaii but it's all inclusive and you get to stay at the bungalows over the water. I would do the Florida Keys as more of a budget trip. They have the lagoon resorts that do snorkel trips and everything.
  6. I think I will always be a lover of small tanks. I started my 10 gallon as a home for a pair of Wyoming Whites I simply couldn't pass up at Petco (on sale for $30 wth). I had been wanting to move my flower anemones into a nano tank for a while because they kept moving anyway so this was my perfect opportunity. Well, after a tank crash in my 40 gallon we decided to take it down and sell off everything until I'm finished with school. We fragged what we wanted and traded my fish for some great corals with stang on here. Progress shots of my 10 gallon: Anddd stuffed to bursting lol. Waiting on my husband to come back with some glue so I can put everything in its permament place. The water is also cloudy after I had to play catch the pistol shrimp. He decided he was going to cover al the frags and steal a loose mushroom during the night. I had to take out all the frags and my right rock scape and grab him with my hand and toss him into the stagnant water of the 40 gallon. He's now at the fish store waiting to wreak havoc in someone else's tank.
  7. So pretty! I want more of those orange/pink rics btw.
  8. Oh, and nothing has the original box so there's that.
  9. Got rid of all my livestock yesterday so now I have the equipment for sale. 2 year old Kessil A350 with gooseneck: $175 4 month old AquaClear 110 $35 Reef Octopus BH 1000 Protein Skimmer (2 years old) $50 SOLD Eshopps view box (8 inch round) $15 Eshopps clear frag rack $5 (one of the magnets broke but has been glued back together) And the tank: It's a Fluval Osaka 155. They don't make them anymore and it's a real pretty tank. 40 gallons. 24 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 24 inches tall. We have the stand as well but a doorknob is missing and it's seen some wear and tear. We'd be putting it at the road but if you would like it with the tank you can have it with the tank. We're going to clean it and spruce it up because it's been set up for 4 years. This was the tank set up in its prime. Unfortunately a crash took a lot and then it was just too much to keep up with It will make someone else a wonderful tank though. This is what it looks like. Ours has a black background that we will be cleaning off as best we can. The stand can be yours if you purchase the tank. This will be a pick up only. Tank by itself will be $150 If you want the whole system it will be $400. Let me know what you want and everything will be ready next weekend for pick up or we can meet somewhere in Lafayette or in the parking lot of Aqua Hut in Baton Rouge since we might make our way there next weekend. I'm not willing to ship.
  10. Awesome. We can make our way to Lake Charles tomorrow if you don't mind my kids coming along. Or next weekend whichever works for you. Just PM your address and we can be there sometime around lunch I'm guessing. I'd love for them all to go to the same place because they all school together lol.