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  1. Welcome aboard! Looks like you are off to a good start. John gives good info too!
  2. How are those two doing man? They peeked out of the sand yet?
  3. Welcome back to the hobby! Lets see some pics!
  4. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing it come alive!
  5. I do not yet. Been trying to get duncans to survive so far. on my 3rd frag now, this one seems to be doing well. No new heads yet though. Will try to move it into the display this weekend. Also trying to find a good place for a torch and branching hammer frag.
  6. Not really, only @2fish4u's massive teal stag frag that I split with @Reef Tank Greg is big enough to actually frag. Got a couple of wild frags that have been growing well, but still got a lot of space to fill.
  7. Please update the opening post and not what is no longer available.
  8. I ended up only doing a half dose for my water volume initially. Took about 2 weeks I believe for things to level out. You can always add more Turbo Start, but I probably wouldn't add anymore ammonium chloride. Could prolong the cycle time. My system showed ammonia for 1-2 days, then dropped to 0, then NO2 showed in the 5-10ppm range for 2-3 days while NO3 crept up to the 30ppm range. Then it processed out most of the NO3 over the remaining 5-7 days. I started adding fish a week or so after that. How much rock you got in there? I did a bunch of Pukani rock and 4 of the 4" MarinePure blocks. I added 4 more of the blocks back in Nov/Dec to help with NO3 processing.