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  1. I ended up only doing a half dose for my water volume initially. Took about 2 weeks I believe for things to level out. You can always add more Turbo Start, but I probably wouldn't add anymore ammonium chloride. Could prolong the cycle time. My system showed ammonia for 1-2 days, then dropped to 0, then NO2 showed in the 5-10ppm range for 2-3 days while NO3 crept up to the 30ppm range. Then it processed out most of the NO3 over the remaining 5-7 days. I started adding fish a week or so after that. How much rock you got in there? I did a bunch of Pukani rock and 4 of the 4" MarinePure blocks. I added 4 more of the blocks back in Nov/Dec to help with NO3 processing.
  2. ericd000

    Ayo's 120 BB Planet

    Nice! Much quicker from getting it in the house to wet than my build...
  3. ericd000

    A bit of a hiatus and an update

    You are like 3 hours away from Lafayette and still miss the food? lol!
  4. ericd000

    A bit of a hiatus and an update

    Ah, cool. Glad to see you back in action, as it were. I remember you used to get in some pretty nice pieces & fish.
  5. ericd000

    A bit of a hiatus and an update

    Welcome back to the 'blue light side'! You back in the area or you still creeping around H-Town?
  6. ericd000

    Montipora Digitata

    I don't know the specs on this light, but assuming it's like the H80, it should work over a 4 gallon tank. You will likely have to turn it way down to start.
  7. I used Turbo Start and went fishless. It did a great job, just make sure you have enough for your water volume. I needed 64oz. I still have some ammonium chloride you can have to start the nitrogen cycle. Should be plenty left for your system.
  8. ericd000

    Ayo's 120 BB Planet

    Looking good so far!
  9. This week I’ve done the following: 75 gallon WC Adjusted the CO2 regulator to slowly lower ALK from 11.0 Mounted some frags in the display Removed about 5 lbs of solidified sand from the tank Need to see if I have what I need to use this old Catalina pump to siphon detritus out of the sump, frag tank, and refugiums this weekend. Probably another 75 gallon WC will happen on Sat or Sun. Nitrates have been creeping back up.
  10. ericd000

    And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    Sheesh, I’m bad about updating this thread. Probably need to change the title at some point. I’ve not made any drastic changes to the system lately. The Chemiclean treatment still appears to be holding, a little cyano in the refugium but it hasn’t reappeared in the display as of yet. Got a Sea Hare last week and dropped it in the fuge and it’s working through the GHA in between munching on the chaeto... [emoji19] Guess I’ll pull some chaeto out to reserve so it doesn’t eat it all. Picked up a mess of turbo snails, (20 Mexican and 20 Astrea) at Fragniappe to help keep algae in check in fuge and frag tank. Frag tank is close to algae free now. Most went into the fuge. Got an Algae Blenny from Aqua Hut when John was running that special. He went into the frag tank for a couple of weeks, moved him to the display last weekend so I don’t need to feed the frag tank directly. Picked up a Royal Gramma from AH last week. We went into the display and promptly disappeared. Didn’t see it for nearly a week. Finally caught it darting around in one of the caves when I fed frozen. Seems to be doing well. The Naso is a pig and will attack the feeding ring with gusto. Time to increase how much food is dropped I guess. The Swallotail angel is doing well also. Out in the open a lot more and competing well with the Naso for pellets. Ordered screen tops from Clearview on 3/10. 3-4 week lead time, so hopefully I’ll have them first week of April, and I can start getting some wrasses and anthias. Last night, I continued mounting some frags that had been cooling in the frag tank for a while. Still have quite a few more. Also started removing some of the hardened chunks of sand using a (brand new and unused) cat litter scoop. Works well, just need one that’s a little thinner to get between some of the rock structure. Still got some places where it’s solidified around the base of some rocks. Going to see if I can use a length of 1/2” pvc to break it up before I get too many more frags in the tank. I’ve broken that dang green anacropora colony 3 times so far. I removed a good 5 pounds of solidified sand Here are a few shots of the display with all the lights on 100%. Here’s a shot of the frags I got at Fragniappe this year.
  11. ericd000

    Back in the Hobby

    Good looking setup! Welcome back!
  12. ericd000

    It's been a while

    Nice! Welcome back!
  13. ericd000

    Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Looking good Kirk.
  14. ericd000

    New member from Lake Chuck

    Totally understandable. I still check here a few times a day, and @RedStickReefer is posting a bit as well. I'm still hoping that people shift back here soon. So much easier to follow discussions and posts.