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  1. Corals for sale.

    they look like the size palys I have in my tank. ill take a frag.
  2. Corals for sale.

    Are those purple deaths zoas or palys? They look a little larger. if they are palys I would like a frag.
  3. Red stick lfs

    Aqua hut .
  4. Mini colonies for sale

  5. Uploading photos? Don't bother with Photobucket.

    You get unlimited photo storage with an Amazon prime account. Guess I'll have to start using that perk. .
  6. Mini colonies for sale

    Blue tort. Not for sale. Waiting for a friend to pick it up. .
  7. Mp10wqd for sale

    Sold. Please close. .
  8. Mp10wqd for sale

    Pump pending pickup tonight. .
  9. Mini colonies for sale

    Meteor shower and galaxia frags $10 each. .
  10. Mini colonies for sale

  11. Mini colonies for sale

    Nothing recent. I'll get some this evening. .
  12. Mp10wqd for sale

    I recommend paying the PayPal fees if you don't know the person. Then you can get them involved. .
  13. Mp10wqd for sale

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you find out who did it and get it figured out. .
  14. Mini colonies for sale

    ive also got a pink digi for $10 and a purple rim green cap for $15
  15. Mini colonies for sale

    I've also got some fire and ice zoa frags and teal pally frags. $5 .