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  1. Pink lemonade, pink milli and joe the coral.

    Two millis and the joe left. .
  2. Looking for HOB fuge

    Got what I need. Please close. .
  3. Looking for HOB fuge

    Anyone have a HOB fuge they would want to part with? Looking to try and grow some pods.
  4. Pink lemonade, pink milli and joe the coral.

    I’ve got 3 pink millis and the joe the coral left. .
  5. Pink lemonade, pink milli and joe the coral.

    The two pink lemonades and one of the millis are pending pickup this weekend. .
  6. Pink lemonade, pink milli and joe the coral.

    Sounds good. I have the multi branch left of the pink lemonade. All the millis are still available. .
  7. Pink lemonade, pink milli and joe the coral.

    Thanks for the kind words Jerry. I gotta come by and see your tank soon. You should be pretty well stocked now. .
  8. I have two frags of pink lemonade for sale $25 each. 4 frags of encrusted pink milli $20 each. 1 frag of joe the coral $20. .
  9. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Coming together nicely. Have you gotten your rock yet? What type of scape are going to go with this time? .
  10. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Finally. How are you going to reach the bottom of that bad boy??! .
  11. Mistakes in Reefing

    My biggest mistake was not going with a bigger tank. A few tank upgrades probably thousands of dollars later I’m still not satisfied. Oh yeah, and not qting coral properly. .
  12. Fragniappe Haul

    That was a nice setup. Make sure you post a build thread so we can see how it comes out. .
  13. Would love to see what everyone scooped up at the show today. Post your pictures. .
  14. Pink milli frags

    I’m in Madisonville and I have a couple cut. .
  15. Ati party

    Hahaha. That good. I’ll have the other ones for you this weekend at the show. .