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  1. Looks good Kirk. Nice come back.
  2. That's awesome. When the wife sees the money coming in from selling frags, see will get use to it. Congrats Nem Daddy
  3. I would not do a large water change. I would get parameters back in line by dosing. A large water change is gonna decrease nutrients, like nitrates down to zero. Unless you have a big fish load.
  4. Do what I did. For a couple of frags you can see it in person.
  5. The stink maybe from the rock. Perhaps didn't get everything when you cleaned it. What sand did you go with?
  6. Nice to see you still have a passion for reefin. Build looks really good. Keep us posted on your progress. Don't forget the pics.
  7. stoned

    Fragniappe 2018

    Fragniappe has never been announced on this forum. Why? Unless I"m getting really old and missed it. So all the people that don't do Facebook may never know it will happen this year. You are leaving out a whole bunch of possible attendees. I'm one of those people. You know, a long time ago in text, that I don't do facebook. How come Mods and Directors don't do much posting either? MACNA has been over for 6 months. Greg, you created this. You and others put a bunch of time, effort and hard work into this. Just hate to see a good thing end.
  8. Congrats, nice tank. Need to come see it in person.
  9. What salt will you be using?
  10. Well, that sucks to hear. Hope the aggression goes away and everyone just gets along. Good luck.
  11. Thought for a second you may have learned how to Photoshop. Lol
  12. Congrats Jerry. What is the name? Very nice colors.
  13. Alk crept to a little over 9. Nitrates went to 0. Just don't understand how a 4 year old tank with 15 fish has 0 nitrates. Once I saw a couple of corals with burnt tips, I dose stump remover to raise nitrates to 5 ppm. I purchased a doser to keep nitrates up. But it was too late, now every SPS coral, monti's and chalice looks like crap. Lost several already.