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  1. Dream Re-build?

    Nice to see you still have a passion for reefin. Build looks really good. Keep us posted on your progress. Don't forget the pics.
  2. Fragniappe 2018

    Fragniappe has never been announced on this forum. Why? Unless I"m getting really old and missed it. So all the people that don't do Facebook may never know it will happen this year. You are leaving out a whole bunch of possible attendees. I'm one of those people. You know, a long time ago in text, that I don't do facebook. How come Mods and Directors don't do much posting either? MACNA has been over for 6 months. Greg, you created this. You and others put a bunch of time, effort and hard work into this. Just hate to see a good thing end.
  3. January 2018 POTM Winner!

    Congrats, nice tank. Need to come see it in person.
  4. Fragniappe 2018

  5. Red Sea Salt's for sale

    What salt will you be using?
  6. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Well, that sucks to hear. Hope the aggression goes away and everyone just gets along. Good luck.
  7. Emperors and other fish pairing attempts

    Wish you luck. What are they eating?
  8. POTM November 2017 Winner

    Thought for a second you may have learned how to Photoshop. Lol
  9. POTM November 2017 Winner

    Congrats Jerry. What is the name? Very nice colors.
  10. Stoned's 210 Upgrade

    Alk crept to a little over 9. Nitrates went to 0. Just don't understand how a 4 year old tank with 15 fish has 0 nitrates. Once I saw a couple of corals with burnt tips, I dose stump remover to raise nitrates to 5 ppm. I purchased a doser to keep nitrates up. But it was too late, now every SPS coral, monti's and chalice looks like crap. Lost several already.
  11. Stoned's 210 Upgrade

    I think I'm gonna take a break from the hobby after doing the same mistake twice I six months.
  12. WTB Chaeto Reactor

    Something I forgot to add. Since you lost most of the nitrate consuming corals, nitrates may rise fast. Need to test often. I let my nitrates go to zero again. Losing more SPS colonies. Knee jerk reaction was to buy a dosing pump and container. With less SPS to consume nitrates, dosing is causing high nitrates. Some SPS are now RTN on a daily basis. Keep up on your testing.
  13. WTB Chaeto Reactor

    I would try to maintain that with water changes.
  14. WTB Chaeto Reactor

    Cheato also absorbs nitrates. I would wait a while before going there. Test for both until you see things kinda stabilize. See where the added fish will take you. If phosphates gets too high, there is always water changes.
  15. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    I ordered some Cepex valves from bulk reef supply when they was on sale around Thanksgiving. Just haven't gotten around to replacing them. Getting lazy in my old age. lol