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  1. upgrade from 25 Gallon Hex to 180 gallon

    Glad to see your tank coming along. Those squids are notorious for stop working after some time. And hard to clean. You may look into the 1 inch squid, it has a cap on top for cleaning it. If you go that route. Since you have the ocean motion, you may want to eliminate the squids all together. And just add a couple of power heads. I would recommend not eliminating the squids.
  2. Natural Reefkeeping

    Thanks for sharing those first days of keeping a marine aquarium. How long did everything live? What kind of filtration did the tank have? Or did you just do water changes?
  3. I won't be able to attend. The wife has the flu. So I will be taking care of her this weekend.
  4. My First Reef

    Looks good. What size tank is it?
  5. Bob Fenner: Anemones for Aquarium Use, Husbandry

    Thanks, enjoyed the video.
  6. That is awesome. Don't see those in tanks very often.
  7. My First Build 75g

    How about some pictures of the tank, sump and plumbing? I'm thinking (again) setting up a 75 gal anemone tank.
  8. New hobbyist

    Looks like you're off to a great start. Corals are looking good.
  9. Huge Clump og Bubble Algae on Clam

    See if you can peel it off. Should come off in clumps. And get something to eat it. Got any tangs? Mine love that stuff.
  10. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    You're selling livestock only, not equipment. Right?
  11. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    Tank look good. I couldn't keep sun coral alive because I'm not one to keep up with the feeding that is required.
  12. Pickin up the pieces(300 build)

    Nice, how did you hang your lights? Can't see how they are attached to the tank.
  13. POTM September 2017 Winner

    Congrats on an awesome picture. Don't let them forget to give you a POTM Winner banner. Was that taken with a cell phone or DSLR?
  14. So upset right now!

    Sorry Jerry. Sucks to hear this. Just like you stated, seems no matter how experienced reefer you are, some day, something will go wrong. Similar thing happen to me.
  15. Pickin up the pieces(300 build)

    Hopefully you won't need them. Wood compresses.
  16. Pickin up the pieces(300 build)

    Nice tank. Have you figured out how many nems will fit? Lol
  17. Are you going to be removing all the rock at one time? What will you be using for biological filtration if you remove all of it? If you go with lights out and are worried about die off of the coral, I would trim off all the branches that you can before hand.
  18. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    Looks good Mike. Do you have plans to put in a door?
  19. Reef 238 Photos

    Is that a paper towel dispenser and a fridge for frozen food? Nice touch. But in pic 4 and 7, do I see salt creep from a leak? Haha just kidding. You have some bad NAUGHTY WORD skills. I just wish I could get rid of my spaghetti wire mess behind my tank. Nice work.
  20. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    That is one awesome tank. Probably more awesome in person. Congrats on your success.
  21. 4 inch Koran Angelfish for sale

  22. A while back I had some problems with my corals dying. I got a wild hair up my butt to go fish only. Now that things are back to normal, I had a change of heart. I'm looking to sell the angelfish. Eats pellets, mysis and nor I right out of my hand. Also eats zoa's and LPS. I've had him for 6 months. Paid $100, looking to get $60
  23. Sucks to hear this. Should have called me, I have saltwater mixed. How are the corals looking?
  24. 4 inch Koran Angelfish for sale