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  1. POTM submission August 2107 (Obviously Altered)

    Man this month is going to be so hard. I love the look of these pictures turned into paintings.
  2. OF forest fire digi

    I will be there all week. I am bringing a small drag tank to keep frags in that i get. If you can bring one that would be awesome brother. .
  3. OF forest fire digi

    Are you going to MACNA? .
  4. OF forest fire digi

    Got a pic Jerry? .
  5. OF forest fire digi

    Like the title says. Looking to see if anyone out there has a drag for sale .
  6. 60g cube 300$

    Email sent
  7. Corals for sale.

    Great prices from a great seller. Good luck with the sale bro. I would get some GSP, but dont want it over taking the
  8. POTM submission July 2017 (Polyp Corals)

    @Stephanie love that pic. That one has my vote right now for sure.
  9. Chasing Corals - Netflix

    Wow, going to have to check this one out for sure. Some of those images are heartbreaking though man. .
  10. MACNA Floor Plan Sold Out Already!

    SAAAAAAWEET!!!!! Are there any other vendors that may be interested that we may be able to add a few more booths?
  11. Easy to keep 4pc SPS Pack - $50

    Nice prices. Good luck with the sale bro. Wish you were closer .
  12. Welcome Brandon (saltyfish808) to our staff!

    Welcome to the staff sir. Great addition .
  13. New Member from Metairie

    Welcome back to your addiction. Lol we love looking at pictures around here .
  14. My 20 long pair

    So here are some pics of my tanks as of today. I added a DIY mag rock to my mix reef and also started my FOWLER tank. Hope you enjoy the pics. I will get a few close ups of coral when my lights are a little more blue this evening .
  15. Upgrade Alert..Bobby's(Saldarya) Old Tank

    I flew with some Zoas that I bought when I worked in Jersey. I wrapped them in paper towels, soaked the paper towel with the water from the baggie the zoa came in then put that in a small ziplock bag and got all the air out. I put them in my carry on and it all went through security with no issues. All of them survived and were good to go when I got home. Even went through a 3 hour layover in Houston. With that being sad, it was Zoas and they are pretty resilient. I mean they live out of water on low tide in some places for a few hours.