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  1. Sent you a text!!!! Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  2. Nice set up. Good luck with the sale. Wish I had the extra cash right now. Cause I would pick it up...
  3. Please post it in the market under equipment. I will delete your other post for redundancy. Thank you
  4. Can you text me some pictures of the tank...I will PM you my number
  5. I have been running the Current Loop system and love them. Huge bang for your buck in my opinion.
  6. LOL, He is a Hulk Smashing SOB man. Surprised we still have a house with all the smashing he does.....HAHAHAHAH
  7. Looks as though it will be a good turn out. I can smell dat jambalaya and white beans now......MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You ever come around the Houma area. also you got any pics of the torches and gold octospawn?
  9. Do depressing to hear this. Hope it doesn't get you down for long brother. Just get back on the horse and get that tank up and running again.
  10. So now that everyone has had a little time to rest from what i thought was an amazing MACNA New Orleans. I want to hear from our members. What was you favorite part of the show and what is something if anything would you have liked to see us as the staff do differently. I know we have learned a lot from giving you guys our yearly Fragniappe, but we also learned a lot with putting on MACNA this year. You can expect some big things to come. Also lets see some pictures of your haul from MACNA. Or just some pics of you enjoying the show. .
  11. Man this month is going to be so hard. I love the look of these pictures turned into paintings.
  12. I will be there all week. I am bringing a small drag tank to keep frags in that i get. If you can bring one that would be awesome brother. .
  13. Like the title says. Looking to see if anyone out there has a drag for sale .
  14. Great prices from a great seller. Good luck with the sale bro. I would get some GSP, but dont want it over taking the
  15. @Stephanie love that pic. That one has my vote right now for sure.
  16. Wow, going to have to check this one out for sure. Some of those images are heartbreaking though man. .
  17. Nice prices. Good luck with the sale bro. Wish you were closer .
  18. Welcome back to your addiction. Lol we love looking at pictures around here .
  19. So here are some pics of my tanks as of today. I added a DIY mag rock to my mix reef and also started my FOWLER tank. Hope you enjoy the pics. I will get a few close ups of coral when my lights are a little more blue this evening .