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  1. anh85


    Sold. Please close
  2. anh85


    Sold Reef octopus SRO-5000sss Rated for up to 500 gallons. Everything works fine. No leaks. There are crazing in acrylic but it does not affect anything. Pump works flawless. 2DDC552C-3C92-4680-83FA-739A4B8C608C.MOV
  3. anh85


    Sold Aqua UV 120w UV sterilizer. Everything works. Harness has just been redone. New connectors on bulb ends, new sleeves covering wires. Will need new bulbs (not sure how old bulbs are). One of the quartz sleeve has a broken piece. It does not leak or affect anything (the gasket seals below it). Body has a JG fitting on it; I believe it was for ozone. Both ends a new Spears 2” union on it.
  4. $300 or obo Used Trigger Emerald 39 sump with used Trigger Emerald 10 Gallon ATO. Both holds water with no problems. Will have scratches due to being used but nothing major. Sump has new lid, new filter sock holder, new water diffuser, new 3 drain plate, 3 new 1” drain adapters and new water riser plate. Sump has been modified to hold extra 10 dosing hoses with white nylon thumbscrew (6 in refugium chamber, 4 in return pump chamber) and tapped 3 and added 3 black nylon screws. Sump had a small crack in corner return pump area but it has been patched and does not leak at all.
  5. Are planning to part tank by itself? Any pictures?
  6. If you are still looking for a pump, I have a Reeflo Dart with an A.O Smith motor. Bearing and seal was changed by me in October. I also have a 4 way oceans motions. I need more room under my 150.