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  1. Scubamax

    150gal fully stocked for sale

    Red planet Lemonade acro 1 plate coral Jason fox Are sold .
  2. Scubamax

    150gal fully stocked for sale

    No one here has credit I am not holding anything without money exchanged. First come first serve. Prices are non negotiable. Priced to sell. I feel I'm being very generous with sizes and price. Text or call me. My number is at the top of the post. Everything is priced at A steal. For what I'm selling it for, I can just as easily dump it in the yard and watch it die. I don't understand how I owe anyone. I will be home tonight after 5. I'm unsure what time I will be home tomorrow. I will be back Sunday afternoon. .
  3. Scubamax

    150gal fully stocked for sale

    Just to be clear, the whole setup is for sale. Tank is a euro braced 150, 3 radion gen 3 pro, apex, 9" reef octo skimmer, L4 rev 3 algae scrubber, 3 channel doseing pump, maxspec 150 gyre, stand, canopy, 2 reactors, eheim 1252 return pump, auto top off, about 200 lbs of live rock, sand, all the corals, take it all for 4K. I've had a busy morning trying to keep up with everyone I've spoken to. I will be home tomorrow evening, not sure what time. Youth deer season opens this weekend, so I won't be home till sunday afternoon. it's better to text or call me.
  4. Scubamax

    150gal fully stocked for sale

    I also have a few fish if interested. Female watanabi $75. Large green cloris wrasse $20. Yellow spot rabbit fish $25 Plain ol clown fish, free with purchase. .
  5. Scubamax

    150gal fully stocked for sale

    Thanks! It's been rough these past few months. Watching my inlaws in this shape sucks. .
  6. Scubamax

    Coral !!!

    Check out what I just posted. .
  7. Scubamax

    150gal fully stocked for sale

    I would prefer to sell local, but deals can be made. The acros will be a pain to ship. Concerned about size and bags. Depending on where your located, I may just meet you halfway? .
  8. Scubamax

    150gal fully stocked for sale

    It's been a nice run, but it's time for my tank to go. I've been too busy to enjoy the tank, my sons are active more then ever, in laws are sick. Having to take care of 3 different properties. It's too much for me. My tank is still up and running and looks just as good as it always does. I didn't "let the tank go". All corals look great, no problems what so ever. Everything is large colonies. Of course, I would like to sell the whole setup to one person, but I know that doesn't happen. But if, I would sell everything for $4000. Tank, and all equipment with all the corals, rock and fish. Everything! Give me a call or text. I live in Opelousas. 337-654-4050 Thanks Corey But if you want A la carte', Here is a list of all corals. Sizes are not exaggerated. We are talking about years of growth. I will not picture everything. It's too much. I have a good video, text or call and I'll send it. . . Cup coral about 6" round and 5" tall.$100 Bird of paradise. About 8" tall$40 Some kind of pink lemonade acro(I don't play the name game)$60 Scolly and lobos. We will need to talk about these. Orange fungi plates. I have a lot of them, about 20 ish. $10 each. Green birds nest colony. It's massive! About 20" wide.$100 Monster chalice. About 6" (another chalice decided to eat half of it overnight)$30 Mystery chalice. Looks like moon coral. Purple and green shimmer$40 2 large maze brain corals 1 large rainbow Monti Sold all together for $75( all on same rock) Green slimmer acro. About 10" round. $50 Green sponge coral about 8" round$40 Green digitada. About 6" tall$25 Purple cats paw about 6" round and 4" tall$50 Pink Cadillac Monti about 5" round and 4" tall$30 Unknown coral. Looks cool with the purple dots. $25 Pretty big lapastraia. Two different colors. It's about a 5" ball$50 A few blastos. Needs to go with the rock. Large Duncan colony. About 100 heads $125 A lot of singulara. Free with purchase. Red planet colony about 6" around and 4" tall(it's tabling)$40 Fist size setosa $30 Fist size Jason fox coral$30 1 very large toadstool and 3 babies. $25 for all .
  9. Scubamax

    Looking for opinion about new fish

    Sohol and clown will turn into buttholes in a 150. The vlamingi is definitely a contender.
  10. First time posting in a lawng.... time. Tank is still rockin, but I recently lost my Desjardini tang. I'm bummed, but she was at least 10 years old, so, we all have to die some day! So now I'm thinking about getting another fish to take her place. I'm low stocked on fish now. clown, wantanabi, orange spot rabbit, and a big NAUGHTY WORD green cloris wrasse. Looking for a higher in fish that will go well in a 150, LFS can get a white tail cole tang, but I don't want to just grab the first thing I find. Throw me some suggestions.
  11. Scubamax

    Apple green bleeding red scoly

    Looking to trade? Or cash only?
  12. Scubamax

    WTB purple montipora and green bird nest

    I have a very large colony of GBN that I would break off a mini for you. I also have about 10 frags laying in the sand under it. Everytime I clean my glass, I make frags. Don't message me here, call or text. 33seven 65four 4050
  13. Scubamax

    Looking to buy corals around Lafayette area

    I have a lot of stuff I would sell. I want to re scape my 150 and it's hard to do with large colonies. I won't frag any sps. But I have some frags already. 2 Purple cats paw, 4" stupper stag, all the singulara you want. 30 head Duncan. Gsp free(funny how those rhyme). Green digi. All the red Monti plate you want. A few pieces of spondage. I'm kinda open to anything. Need to change up to keep the interest alive. I don't get in here often, so text me. 33seven65four4050 Corey
  14. Scubamax

    looking for softie corals

    I have a nice piece of singulara that I'll sell. And a Duncan. And some cabbage coral. Lmk
  15. Scubamax

    Shoping for new computer, need input

    Also, my mac is not powerful enought to run the new windows ram hog OS. So I would have to spend money to upgrade my mac. I'm running 2 g ram now, but I think I'm only capable of running 4 gb ram.