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  1. What size are the rock? I am about to set up a 29gal in my classroom
  2. I have some pieces of my red Montipora cap that I have broken off. All pieces are around 2+ inches. I have 10 pieces. $20 per frag. Local pick up only. Located in Gonzalesadd loca
  3. chbaker3

    Coral ID

    I think we have a winner, Astrangia poculata, Northern cup coral
  4. chbaker3

    Coral ID

    During one of our research sampling trips in the Baritaria Bay, we caught some shells with some coral polyps on it. We are working on IDing it and was gonna put picks here.
  5. This will be probably be FOWLR. May have some suncoaral and native crabs and anemones
  6. This will be probably be FOWLR. May have some suncoaral and native crabs and anemones
  7. Livestock is not a problem. We will bring stuff back as we catch it
  8. For those who do not know me, I am a Fisheries Biologist for the Wildlife and Fisheries in New Orleans. We have been working for a few years to get approval to set up a tank in the front of our office. We have finally received this but we have to supply the gear. We will be setting up tank to house native animals that we catch in the bays and offshore. We currently have a 110 gal tank, stand, hood and light. Tank is not drilled but I can take care of that. I am curious if anyone has any types of gear they can help with. We are looking for sand, over flow box, heater, return pump, skimmer, and anything else you may have. I have a tank for the sump and some dry rock at home. This tank will be open to the public to view during normal business hours and we will give credit to anyone who can provide help. Thanks
  9. I need to get rid of this tank. Free to who ever wants it.
  10. I have an old 75 gal tank that I need to get rid of. It does need new trim and to be resealed. It was drilled on the back wall for dual corner over flows and return. $25 or trade.
  11. Can anyone help me ID this algae? I have been neglecting my tank and it has broken out bad. Also what will be the best way to get rid of it? It hitch hiked on a clam and now is footed into the spaces between my zoanthids and acans.
  12. chbaker3

    Free GSP

    I still have a few pieces left. If not picked up by Friday, I'm throwing it out
  13. chbaker3

    Free GSP

    I have been away all day and just saw your post. Yes I do have 2 pieces left