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  1. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Update

    On 1/9 Reef 238 at IMCT in Hammond will be three months old! This past Saturday, just ahead of its birthday, we added 15 Zoanthus sp. frags/small colonies, and one medium boutique colony. The survivors of the crash -- the Blue Squamosa, Alien Eye Pectinia, Bali Green Slimer and Wall Hammer -- are all doing extremely well and showing good signs of growth. Drop by during regular office hours and have a look! Anyone interested in seeing the equipment room, just let me know. I am typically there on Saturday or Sunday. PM me to make arrangements. We will gradually be adding more corals over the next few months as it settles in further. But, no acros just yet.
  2. Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! Miss Kaley, the young lady that was battling leukemia for whom we installed a reef system back in 2015 has since triumphed in her fight and moved on to more typical teenage girl concerns. The system was picked up in Pineville today and is now in New Orleans. Anyone interested is welcome to drop by and have a look at it. I'm tempted to keep it myself since the dimensions are perfect for a coral farm, but I just don't have the space. Here she is quite excited on the day the system installation was completed . . . Equipment List . . . Glass aquarium, 48"x 24"x 20", center external overflow w/ drain lines, jump screen Approximately 60 lbs. Marco Rocks reef rock Acrylic sump with top-off and water change reservoirs Vertex Omega 150 protein skimmer Neptune Systems Apex Classic w/ display Neptune Systems DOS Neptune Systems auto-feeder Kessil A160WE Series LED Pendant (2) Kessil mounting arms, control wires SpectraPure RO/DI system, 90 GPD w/ NEMA IV outdoor housing Test kits Tunze NanoStream 6045 internal pump (2) Sicce return pump Algae Free cleaning magnet
  3. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    Thank you kirk_m. .
  4. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    "Swiss cheese." Haha! Most appropriate analogy. There are videos of the new ceramic reef (you can't see the overflows at all) on my Instagram page @wetworknola. .
  5. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    The SCWDs were part of the original installation. When I took over the system they'd already failed. For the restoration I chose the CPR overflows because of their very low internal profile and, more importantly, the fact that there were already a ridiculous number of holes in the back pane, 8 to be exact, all of which were too low to use for overflows. Consequently, they were all sealed. .
  6. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    It's located in the lobby of IMCT.com. On Club Deluxe Rd. in Hammond. TSV is 238 gallons. For those of you that have Instagram, there are videos of the newly installed ceramic reef @wetworknola. .
  7. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    Thank you Stoned. The freezer was deleted from the rebuild since there's one in the employee break room. They love the smell of mysis in the morning. .
  8. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    Thanks very much Checkitout! (Don't know how I missed your comment. Sorry about that )
  9. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    That's quite a compliment. Thank you Patncori. .
  10. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    Thank you halfmoon61 [emoji4] .
  11. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    Thank you 110reef. Happy to offer any tips or pointers if you decide to do it. .
  12. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    No comments? Criticisms just as welcome as questions and compliments.
  13. Wet Work

    Reef 238 Photos

    Here are a few shots of Reef 238's fish room. Just a few minor details remain, which will be completed this weekend after the reef goes in. But first, the "before" shots . . . And "after" . . . Vectra/Vortech drivers and power supplies, iPad Mini for Apex Fusion access, 180 GPD RO/DI. Right end. Orphek Atlantiks on modified monitor mounts can be tilted back and locked in place against the wall. Flow meter on main return. Cable management detail. The stand is 316 stainless steel, powdercoated. Dri-Dek covers the entire floor, even under the sump and skimmer. Tunze submersible LEDs illuminate the refugium. Seawater mixing. Flow meter on main return from Vectra L1. Perimeter trim around the tank's contact points with the wall remain. Left end. Orphek Atlantiks on modified monitor mounts that allow them to be swung back and locked into place against the wall. Right overflow, UVS, chiller. Two DOS and two DDR units for application of the Triton Method. Sump is completely covered. Two Spyglass reactors are supplied by the M1. Water change inlet line on the right. Flow meter for monitoring flow to skimmer. Pretty lights. Shameless plug for industry brands Clockwise from bottom left: Avast Marine Skimmate Locker; Apex AC5 base unit; Apex leak, flow, Vortech, and level sensor modules; MRC Orca Pro I with Colder Industries NS6 no-drip quick disconnect on drain line. Front view of Orca skimmer. Water change drain line in foreground. Apex EB832 and EB8; Triton dosing connections; sump covers of lightweight blown PVC. We retained and restored the wood panel at the back for nostalgia's sake.
  14. Wet Work

    Parade of Tanks

    We'd love to add Reef 238 at IMCT in Hammond to the parade if you're interested. The reef's shipping delay has it going in in conflict with the meet at CC, so we'd be happy to make it available for a tour on another date.
  15. Brand new, sealed box MP40wQD available for the authorized sale price of $296.65. We will even personally deliver if you are within 25 miles of 70119. BRS is out of stock, so grab this while you can. It's the last one!