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  1. rewlee

    Kirk’s 350-ish build they also have "jumbo" rocks.
  2. rewlee

    JR's 42 Gallon Reef

    tank looks great! I've been wondering about the Gyre. how do you like the flow pattern? I also know the feeling of getting out and back in, and wishing you kept those little things haha. cant wait to see the tank move forward!
  3. rewlee

    Coral for sale

    x2. sent pm
  4. rewlee

    30 gallon IM going back up!

    Got my ATO moved to the closet next to the tank now. Really cleans up the area. HA is nearly gone, and the diatom bloom has gone away completely. Levels are also looking good right now. Feather duster has made its way behind the rocks, so wont be seeing a lot of him for now.... other then that, happy the tank is clearing up, and the clowns are eating.
  5. rewlee

    30 gallon IM going back up!

    Diatom bloom has all but faded away. still a bit of HA, but its going away pretty quick as well. Starting to look more like an actual tank!
  6. Thanks Jordan for the clear up!
  7. I am looking at getting a redstrip hogfish, but am finding their at different sites, they are different fish. Live Aquaria has the "redstripe" although they say other names are candy stripe, and black spot. at blue zoo, they have the "candy stripe" both share the same "common names" as you can see, different looks to a degree, but I am not sure if that is just age, or specimen. from what I could find, they are different, but not sure how. color? size? temperament? LA has them as smaller fish >4 inch while blue zoo has it a 7 inch. that is a big different to me, for them to be used interchangeably. Just wanting to get some more specific information if someone has some. Thanks!
  8. rewlee

    Trav's 20g Office Nano

    dang, I really like the tank. I've been thinking about getting a hawkfish for my 30. between that or a candy cane hogfish. really like the colors of the tank.
  9. rewlee

    Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones For Sale

    any still available?
  10. rewlee

    30 gallon IM going back up!

    Also added, a brain coral, a few more snails and crabs, feather duster, couple mushrooms and some zoas.
  11. rewlee

    30 gallon IM going back up!

    I added my first fish today. two clowns. they ate tonight already after being in the tank for about 8-10 hours, so i'm happy about that. here is a little underwater video of the tank. edit: quality went way down putting it on photobucket. yikes.
  12. rewlee


    This is a pretty cool app that is makes a motion photo of sorts that moves. I would really like to see this on some of the great tanks around here. Mine is nothing right now but here is what it does. not sure how to embad this on the site.
  13. rewlee

    30 gallon IM going back up!

    did a rescape... think it looks much better.
  14. rewlee

    30 gallon IM going back up!

    Stocking list. Fish: pair of clowns Goby shrimp pair or jawfish. not sure which I want. smaller algae blenny flameback angel maybe a smaller wrasse. and a BTA Coral: going to stick with mostly LPS. I want a few torches/frogspawns/hammers I really want a nice Trachy brain as the center piece. Also want a few zoas and some GSP. still have to set up my ATO and let it cycle, but the LR did come with a few snails still hanging on. Right now I'm just running some floss not using the InTank media holders right now. figured using Chemipure right now would be just a waste.